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Namastey Trump: What Did India Get From US President Trump India’s Visit?

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US President Donald Trump went back to the US on Tuesday night after completing a two-day visit. In terms of American interests, US President Donald Trump’s visit to India has proved positive in every way.

From the point of view of American interests, the visit of US President Donald Trump has proved positive in every way. The US succeeded in making a $ 3 billion big defense deal with India. This time no big trade deal could be done, but many small deals are beneficial for America. At the same time, President Trump did not hesitate to pursue American interests with impunity on issues like tariffs and 5G.

Significantly, President Trump had reached Ahmedabad on a two-day visit to India on Monday and he reached Delhi at night on the same day. He went back to his country on Tuesday night. On the second day of his visit to India, Donald Trump met President Ram Nath Kovind, PM Narendra Modi and about a dozen veterans of the business world.


3 Billion Defense Deal

The Indian Army has tied up with American companies Boeing and Lockheed Martin for the purchase of military helicopters. India will buy US $ 3 billion worth of US military equipment from the US. These include Apache and MH60 Romeo helicopters. Right now India is around 17 billion dollars in trade of both countries, that is, business is tilted in favor of India. After the implementation of this defense deal, this surplus of India will decrease.

Strategic Partnership

India-America has moved ahead for global strategic partnerships. The two leaders have agreed to give impetus to the Quadrilateral Initiative (Quad), which is an important element in the Indo-Pacific strategic framework. This can prove to be an important partnership between the two countries to curb China’s growing influence in the region. In the last 15 years, India has thus avoided coming directly to China. Accordingly, this is a good success for Trump.


Free Trade Agreement

The United States has been pressing for several decades that India should enter into a free trade agreement with it, but the earlier talks about it were not successful. Due to this, the interests of Indian businessmen have been projected to be damaged.

Now both the leaders have agreed that a dialogue should be started again in this direction. In this way, it is a big success for America that at least the dialogue is moving forward in this direction. This is a sign of softening in India’s attitude.


Medical Device Agreement

An agreement has been reached between the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization of India and the US Food and Drugs Administration of America. Under this, both countries will exchange information about capacity building in this regard. In fact, in India right now, the Modi government has put a lot of control over the cost of medical devices like cordial stents; American companies are lobbying heavily about this to be relaxed.

The Indian government has indicated that from April 1 this year, all medical devices will be treated like medicines. What changes in the price after this, it has to be seen.


US Natural Gas Penetration in India

During Trump’s visit on Tuesday, another major business deal was reached regarding the accessibility of American Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to the Indian market. The agreement is between Indian Oil Corporation of India and Exxon Mobil of America and Chart Energy and Chemicals Inc.

The Indian arm of the American company will supply natural gas to India. Under this, LNG will be supplied from road, rail and waterways in those areas which are not connected by pipeline.


MOU on Mental Health

An agreement has also been reached between the two countries regarding mental health. The agreement is between the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and the US Ministry of Health and Human Services.


US Interest on 5G

US President Donald Trump seems to have influenced the Indian government to keep Chinese companies out of the 5G network. He said, ‘5G should be an instrument of freedom, progress and prosperity‘. At the CEO meeting, Trump was smiling when Reliance Industries CMD Mukesh Ambani said that his company is moving ahead with 5G without sugar equipment.


Trump Put own Point on the Tax

Trump also proved to be tough to protect American interests amidst all the praise of India and PM Modi. While going from here, he told India as the Tariff King. Giving the example of Harley Davidson bike, he said that it is due to the imposition of higher tariff by India that the “Harley Davidson” bike coming from America is quite expensive. He said that if India has to move towards any major trade deal, then first the tariff will have to be reduced.

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