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NFCSF Report said, Sugar Production Decrease this Year, Yet Exports to 3 Million Tones

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Sugar production in the country has been around 150 lakh tones this year, which is 22 percent less than last year. At the same time, in terms of sugar exports, in the current season, from October 1 till now, a total of 30 lakh tones of export transactions have been done, of which more than 1.5 million tones of sugar has been exported. Production in Maharashtra has decreased by about 50 percent, while production has increased in UP.

National Federation of Co-operative Sugar Factories (NFCSF) Managing Director Prakash Naiknavare has given this information to news agency IANS. He informed that India has made deals to export 30 lakh tones of sugar in the current season till February 5, 2020, of which 15.5 lakh tones of sugar have been exported. It has exported 7.5 lakh tones of raw sugar.

According to the sugar production data released by the NFCSF, the total sugar production in the country till February 14 in the current sugarcane crushing season 2019-20 (October-September) has been 149.25 lakh tones as compared to 191.80 lakhs in the same period of 2018-19 last year. 22.18 percent less than a ton.


Production up in UP, Production down by 50% in Maharashtra:

In the country’s largest sugar producing state Uttar Pradesh, the production of sugar has increased to 57.80 lakh tones from 54.50 lakh tones last year, while the production of sugar in the second-largest producing state Maharashtra has been 37.35 lakhs as compared to the same period last year. Production is 49.45 percent lower than 73.90 lakh ton.


Why Production Decreased:

In the last monsoon season, sugar production has come down due to heavy rains and floods in Maharashtra due to deteriorating sugarcane crop. This is the reason, at this time, sugar is being produced in only 140 mills, whereas 192 sugar mills were operational during this time last year.

Sugar production has also declined this year in Karnataka, the third-largest producing state in the country. Sugar production in Karnataka has been 28.90 lakh tones as compared to 33.30 lakh tones last year till this period.

According to NFCSF data, sugar production in Gujarat has been 5.10 lakh tones whereas, in the same period last year, 7.65 lakh tones sugar was produced. At the same time, the production of sugar in Bihar has increased from 4.40 lakh tones to 4.40 lakh tones last year.

At the same time, the production of sugar is 1.40 lakh tones in Andhra Pradesh, 2.05 lakh tones in Madhya Pradesh, 2.95 lakh tones in Haryana, 3.30 lakh tones in Punjab, 2.20 lakh tones in Tamil Nadu, 1.15 lakh tones in Telangana, 2.10 lakh tones in Uttarakhand and in the country. 50,000 tones have been done in the remaining parts.

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