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5 Facts That Tell You How Mobile Addiction is Ruining Your Lifestyle

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Mobile addiction is real terminology. If we consider the number of times, we touch our phones and our panic when we temporarily misplace the device justifies this term. While mobile phones play a vital role in our life but it also has some negative.

With the advent of technology, the device has become an integral part of our lives but the widespread of digital distraction is running our health as well as friendship. The World Bank report states that the world’s poorest households likely to have more access to mobile phones rather than toilets.

The cons of the greatest invention are as follows:

  1. One of the greatest controversies with the mobile phone device is that its usage involves brain cell damage and can cause cancer.  The radiation released from cell phones had carcinogenic components that might penetrate skin or brain cells due to prolonged use. It is estimated from the studies, a cell phone radiates most while you receive a call. Thus, it is suggested to keep the cell phone from your ear for a while answering a call. However, various studies have shown using cell phones for a longer duration would anyhow increase the chance of getting cancer.


  1. Mobile phones are one of the causes of road accidents nowadays. Texting or answering a call while driving is causing around1.3 million road accidents every year. Even several of this car accident has led to severe injuries and death. Thus, many countries have banned answering phone calls while driving. Irrespective of this law, many people still choose to text which can also lead to severity. Hence, if there was no cell phone the urgency of answering a call or message while at the wheel will also reduce.


  1. The cell phone has given us the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere at any moment.  It may be nice at some point, but it is barring human from face to face communication or meeting up. This digital communication can sometimes lead to misunderstanding as well as emotions are not well transferred.


  1. Children are exposed to cell phones from a very tender age either by themselves observing their parents or their parents let them do so. The use of technology has both positive as well as negative effects on education. Sometimes, too much exposure to the cell phone for a child could lead to cyberbullying. Hence, the parents should always keep an eye if they are exposing to any digitalization for the welfare of their child.


  1. Cell phones have a direct effect on vision and sleep. Using a cellphone for a long time might lead to the rise of your eyesight power. Its addiction also affects sleep largely and can lead to lifestyle disorders like depression or hypertension.

Technology has both pros and cons but with its limited use, we can minimize the risk caused due to its cons in our day-to-day life. Delving into the virtual world continuously might affect our lifestyle in the long run.

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