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Covid-19: Are Peepal and Latjira effective in the treatment of Coronavirus? What the Ayurvedacharya Says

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The world’s biggest scientists and doctors are trying to make a vaccine to get rid of global pandemic COVID-19 including India while Dr. KN Singh, a well-known Ayurvedacharyaclaims that the disease is caused by the use of herbs like Peepal and Latjira.


  • Can Ayurveda treatment cure Coronavirus?
  • Peepal leaves and Latjira work to fight with Coronaviruses?

 The search for the vaccine needed to get rid of the global pandemic COVID-19 is going on all over the world including India while Dr. KN Singh, a well-known Ayurvedacharya and director of the Green Herbal Health Center Scheme, claims that the disease is caused by the use of herbs like Peepal and Latzira. By increasing immunity, not only can the risk of infection be avoided, but regular intake of select flora can be secure to the coronavirus & also can healthy.

Dr. Singh says that Ayurveda, the world’s oldest medical system, is fully capable of fighting the global pandemic Novel Coronavirus. Many states including Kerala have not only controlled the corona infection by adopting this method, but the Ministry of AYUSH of the Central Government has issued advisory and emphasized Ayurvedic treatment for the prevention of corona.


How can Peepal Leaves and Latjira Work to Fight with Coronaviruses?

He said that eating a handful of Latjira Apamarga (Ayurvedic name Entirenthus Aspara) leaves washed with clean water and chewing on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening can help fight the virus like coronavirus. In addition, a piece of green leaf of white Madaar (Calatropis giganti) should be eaten by grinding or chewing it with one or half teaspoon cloves equal to the middle finger of the hand and equal quantity of powder of small peepal.

Ayurvedacharya said that eating three to four full-grown green Peepal leaves (Ficus Religiosa) with cloves (Syzaijium aromatigum) makes the body strong while roasting, chewing or grinding small peepal (Piper longum ) and eating it in the morning and evening Excellent ability to withstand the coronavirus can be achieved.

He said that by taking one teaspoon of fennel seeds (Allium Sepa), one teaspoon in the morning and evening can also increase immunity. The above medicines can be consumed in full in the morning and evening by chewing or grinding together or making a decoction. In addition, put two to three drops mustard oil in the nose in the morning and massage.

Dr. Singh said that he had written a letter to the Central and State Governments last month to make the common people aware of the use of these Ayurvedic medicines. The King George Medical University (KGMU) Lucknow, while showing interest in the medical system, advised all the doctors and medical staff of the medical college to take the recommended vegetation.

He said that the Uttar Pradesh Police personnel are also protecting themselves from coronavirus infection by consuming Peepal and Latajira and other Ayurvedic medicines. Similarly, millions of people of the country are keeping themselves healthy by following the ancient medical system of the country.

The doctor admitted that despite a good understanding of the importance of Ayurveda effective in neutralizing the deadly effects of the coronavirus, governments did not prioritize research work in this direction; as a result, the age-old method should be respected in the world.

However, former Prime Minister and Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee had collected around 400 formulas of Ayurveda with the help of tribal’s and villagers and with his inspiration, the Ministry of AYUSH was also established.

He said that Peepal is actually a powerfull medicine which has been considered the king of all flora in Ayurveda. The Veda Puranas also describe Peepal as “ अस्वत्थ मूले ब्रहा, तने विष्णु शाखाये महेश्वराय पत्रे पत्रे देवानाम” meaning the root of which is Brahma, the stem is similar to Vishnu and Lord Shiva and whose leaves are the abode of the gods.

People are food in themselves, like elephant eating only peepal, due to which his physical and mental capacity is many times more than that of man. Peepal is disinfectant and power enhancer whereas neem is disinfectant but its excess intake decreases the strength. Peepal not only destroys all types of viruses but also strengthens the vascular system, the brainstem and the arteries of the heart.

Dr. Singh said that regular consumption of peepal not only increases the light of the eyes in two to three months but also helps to stay away from the problems of arthritis etc. due to stopping bone erosion. There is no harm in eating it but it will increase blood. By eating its fiber, it can cure every disease of the body.

He said that Peepal and Latjira are used extensively in Ayurveda medicines, but due to incomprehensible policies of companies, this drug has not been given importance. The most interesting fact is that the side effects of Peepal Latjira are negligible compared to allopathic or homeopathic medicines.

Despite this, there is a complete lack of awareness about Ayurveda in the country, while the business of English medicines that leave side effects on the human body is flourishing. The government allocates thousands of crores of rupees every year in research of these medicines, while a budget of a few hundred crores is allocated for Ayurveda.

It is worth mentioning that the Union Government of AYUSH has also issued advisory on the consumption of Ayurvedic medicines to increase the body’s immunity, according to which it has been advised to avoid cold drinks and drink hot water while regularly for less than 30 minutes, emphasis has been laid on yoga asana, pranayama and meditation.

According to the advisory, the use of spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander and garlic in food and the use of Chyawanprash have been advised. Twice intake of black tea made from basil, cinnamon, black pepper, gourd powder and dry grapes has been considered helpful in increasing immunity.

Applying sesame or coconut oil or ghee in both the nostrils is beneficial in the morning and evening, while fresh cough mint or celery steam can relieve the problem of dry cough. If you have cough or sore throat, you should take clove powder with natural sugar or honey two to three times a day, while drinking hot milk containing turmeric can keep the infection away.

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