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COVID-19: Do You know about these things about Coronavirus? Must Read..!

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Science says that once a virus is infected, the immune system of the human body learns to fight against that virus. For this reason, that virus cannot harm that human again.

  • Can coronavirus be restored after recovery?
  • Is it safe to take a bath in a public swimming pool?
  • On which surface does the virus stay alive?

We all know that coronavirus is declared Pandemic by the WHO, and as per the latest report, 350,667 counts till now, including 15,331 confirmed death till now. So, you cannot avoid the coronavirus until you know how to protect from it. Here are some prevention tips of some important questions related to the Coronavirus:-


Can Coronavirus be Restored after Recovery?

It cannot be said right now because the first case of coronavirus infection has just come up around December. However, from the experience of earlier viruses, it can be said that once an infection, the body’s immune system against the virus creates anti-bodies. This protects against the virus for the future.

For example, earlier varieties of SARS and MARS viruses (which are from the family of Coronavirus) did not have a re-infection. However, in the latest reports from China, it is being said that even after being discharged from the hospital, some people have been found to have an infection again. But nothing can be said on this strictly.


Is it safe to take a bath in a public swimming pool?

In most places, chlorine is added to swimming pools, which kills viruses. In such a situation, it can be said that chlorine is added in the swimming pool in the right amount, then it is safe. But many countries, such as the UK, are prohibiting people from going to public places because contact with an infected person may be at risk of infection.

Touching an object or doors in a changing room or building can cause an infection risk. If an infected person is near you in the pool and coughs or sneezes, you may still be at risk of infection.


On Which Surface Does the Coronavirus Stay Alive?

It depends on which surface it is. They can remain active for 48 hours on metal-like surfaces such as door handles, lift buttons. Based on some old research, it can be said that the coronavirus can remain active for up to a week under favorable conditions. After touching these things, do not touch your face with those hands. Do this only after sanitizing the hands.

The coronavirus does not survive for very long on soft surfaces such as clothing. In such a situation, if you do not wear the same cloth for a day or two, then the virus will not be active. However, it is also not the case that touching an infected surface will cause you to get coronavirus. As long as it does not enter your body through your mouth, eyes, nose, then you is fine. So stop eating without touching your mouth or washing your hands.


Can Coronavirus Infection Spread by Phone?

Coronavirus infection is believed to be caused by one person to another by sneezing or coughing. But experts say that this virus can exist on any surface and that too possibly for several days.

Therefore, it is important that your phone is completely clean, whether at home or in the office. All major phone manufacturers warn to clean the mobile phone from alcohol, hand sanitizer or sterilizing wipes as there is a risk of damage to the phone’s coating.

Damage to this coating layer makes it easier for germs to get stuck in mobile phones. Nowadays the mobile phones that come in, it is said that they are water resistance i.e. they are less prone to water.

If this is the case (water resistance), you can clean the phone with soap and water or paper towels, but before doing so, check that your phone is water-resistant or not.

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