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Do You Know What Sustainable Fashion Is? Ivanka Trump’s Dress Discussed in India

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US President Donald Trump visited India. He was accompanied by his wife Melania Trump, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law. However, this was the second visit to Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

When Ivanka first visited India in November 2017, her fashion style impressed everyone. This time too, when Ivanka stepped out of the ship wearing a brightly colored baby blue and red midi floral print dress, she gave a very strong message about sustainable fashion. Now only one question will be wandering in your mind that what is this sustainable fashion?

Re-wearing a dress is known as Sustainable Fashion. Many celebrities around the world are consciously deciding to wear their clothes again. The main reason behind this is to maintain the stability of the clothes. Let us tell you that many natural resources are used in making a small piece of cloth.

Apart from this, clean water is used in large quantities in making clothes. In such a situation, if anyone dress is worn again, along with natural resources, water will also be saved.

The choice of a great person like Ivanka Trump to wear the same clothes again during a state visit gives a very special message to sustainable fashion. On this India tour, the dress that Ivanka Trump wore on the first day, she has also carried before India on the Argentina tour in September 2019.

However, minor changes were made to the accessories of this dress. The Ivanka V-neck tie in Argentina was spotted in a baby blue viscose georgette midi dress with a hanging detail and round sleeves, but this time she accentuated the look with red pumps and middle-parted long hair, as well as carrying a statement earrings.

Like Ivanka, many great celebrities decided to wear their clothes again on many special occasions keeping in mind sustainable fashion. The same year, Joker star Joaquin Phoenix said during an award show that we need immediate attention on issues ranging from sustainable fashion to racial discrimination. He himself wore the Golden Globe custom Stella McCartney Tux again during this award show.

According to a report, about 2700 liters of water is spent on making cotton cloth. Waste of water in such quantity is not good at all. In such a situation, it is better that we choose such clothes which last for a long time. Not only this, but we can also wear any one of the clothes on many special occasions.

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