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FSSAI: From June 1st Sweet Shops also Will Have to Write Expiry Date on Sweets

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We all eat sweets with great fervor. Whether it is a festival or not, just want an excuse to eat. Their taste is so wonderful that who can wait for the festivals! An expiry date is written on packaged sweets in the market, but open sweets do not know how old they are.

We go to the sweets shop, ask for the price and buy it. Recently, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have taken an important decision keeping this in mind.

In order to improve the quality of food items, the FSSAI has decided that from June 2020 it will be mandatory to give an expiry date on the sweets sold in the open. Till now only canned sweets had an expiry date written. But now with this decision, it will be necessary to write an expiry date on the sweets sold in the open.

This decision will improve the quality of sweets sold in the open. According to FSSAI, till now many such cases had come out in which complaints were lodged against many shopkeepers for selling old open sweets. Taking this into consideration, FSSAI took this step.

Along with this decision, FSSAI has issued a number of new guidelines in view of the health hazards. It has been said that it would be mandatory to display information such as ‘Manufactured date‘ as well as ‘Usage Period‘ on the utensils/cans sold in the open. This rule will be effective from June 1, 2020.

The FSSAI has also stated that shopkeepers can decide the ‘usage period’ based on the items used to make sweets and other local conditions, including the weather. It will be the responsibility of the State Food Safety Commissioners to ensure that the shopkeepers are following the rules related to giving all important information.


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