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In the World How Men-Makeup Going in Mainstream?

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Gone are the days when men used to surreptitiously borrow a dab of their sister’s concealer to cover a zit. Nowadays, men can have their makeup products which are engineered specifically for them.

With time, men grooming business is growing exponentially and there where makeup helps in accentuating features and hide the flaws of a man’s skin. It is helping to enhance the modern masculinity so that the men also step out with confidence. Some of the essential makeup product for a man this season are as enlisted below:

The Foundation: Whether you have an uneven skin tone or leftovers from your acne days, the foundation would always help to give a smooth complexion with an even tone. The world-class makeup brand Sephora suggests a man use liquid foundation first as it does not require a brush and can be much easier to apply. A primer beneath the foundation is also suggested by them as guys tend to have facial hair and foundation does not sit well in hair follicles.

The Concealer: It is an important solution for men with pigmented skin. This helps to cover up the zits, dark under-eye circles or visible aging signs. It works as a corrector and helps to blend up men’s skin easily.

The Lip Balm: Men might not consider ‘Lip-Balm’ as one of their makeup products but it is important for the chapped lips. Best lip balms for guys are the ones that render a matte finish so that it does not look colorful but remain healthy.

Makeup products for men and women are different as the texture or skin endurance for men is quite high than women. However, the idea of men’s makeup is expanding and a quick transition is seen from rugged look to colorful ones.


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