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Keep the Mind Fresh by Following the Routine Set in the Lockdown

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Today is the 38th day of the lockdown released due to the coronavirus. It is a human tendency that during a prolonged stay in a situation, we tend to be less alert or lax towards that situation. In the Corona period, this relaxation can become a problem for you and your family’s physical and mental health.


  • Do not leave the habit of exercise in the lockdown
  • Avoid harassment feelings towards your body and mind in the lockdown
  • You should keep in mind about the social distancing in the lockdown

Habits, like eating at the right time in the day and sleeping at a fixed time, have proven effective in preventing mental depression. The World Health Organization states that to fight corona, people have to be more alert to their mental health along with adopting social distance and frequent hand washing. Let us know how you can keep your mind positive.


Do not Leave the Habit of Exercise

The University of Sydney study found that people who exercised at least one hour a day during a month of lockdown in Australia were free of mental depression. No study has been revealed as to which class is most successful in fighting mental depression during the ongoing lockdown in India. But experts believe that if someone is no longer able to continue the habit of exercising daily, then he should take inspiration by talking to his home and fitness-conscious friends. Exercise daily for at least twenty minutes for every age group.


Get help from Community Group

The mental phase that you are going through at the moment, it is very likely that the same situation is from your neighbor, friend, and any stranger sitting in another country. Keep sharing this shared fear that Corona has, you can share your problems related to Corona through your family WhatsApp group, Fred’s group, and all the groups and pages operated on Facebook.


Make a habit of Taking care of  yourself

It is very natural that while at home you get used to waking up late at night so that you wake up late in the morning. It may be that the routine of exercising daily has gone wrong or you spend the whole day in a night suit. British psychotherapist Pamela Robert says that this time can easily lead to depression, so it is important that people do not let their routine deteriorate in lockdown. People should make a habit of following the rules of their hygiene, nutritious food, eight hours of sleep. If the fixed routine deteriorates, then encourage yourself to follow it strictly the next day.


Faith In Yourself

Psychologists say that we should avoid harsh feelings towards our bodies and mind many times. It is also not good to keep one fixed in the rules and routine. If you do not feel like doing any work, then give yourself complete rest that day. Keep positive thinking during rest; focus on taking care of yourself.

Keep Busy Yourself

Worries related to running a house in lockdown, job insecurity, children’s education, illness of a member in the house will be bothering you at this time. It is difficult to get rid of these worries but to solve it, it is important that your mind is not surrounded by worries all the time. Learn new things online.

In the Corona period, this relaxation can become a problem for you and your family’s physical and mental health.


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