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Lockdown: Changing Essence Of Commitments In Relationships Today

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A lot of things change with time, our attitude towards life, our attitude, things and people have to be tested or relationships, If something is changing in a crucial time like lockdown, then it has affected our relationships the most.

  • Nowadays changing the essence of commitments in relationships
  • Nowadays everyone has also started taking relationships casually
  • Now people do some cheating in the name of space between relationships

We often say that it is not the same thing in relationships. But the truth is that we are the change, not the relationship. Actually, the relationship is the same, but our attitude towards them is not the same now. This is the reason that the most important link in the relationship – commitment, has also changed its meaning. Let’s know-how?

With the birth of birth, now this thing has become old: We used to consider the first seven rounds not only of this birth but also of seven births. But now this thinking is outdated. We have also started taking relationships casually. Well done, otherwise the way is different. We have also lost the seriousness of a relationship like marriage.


Practical Approach

We are all very emotional about relationships, but now people are starting to have a practical approach towards them too. On the matter, neither are we emotional anymore nor do they find an emotional factor in everything. Waiting for your partner to eat, go to the movies with him or wear clothes keeping in mind his choice… All these things prove to be emotional flowers in today’s date.


Space between Relationship

Now people do some cheating in the name of space. They do not see any evil in this. Neither everything has to be told to each other, nor is it necessary to know each other’s passwords. A partner feels that if I interfered more in my partner’s personal life, he will also do it. That’s why it is safe to neither check each other’s messages nor each other’s social media account.


Communication has Changed

Now sitting together at the dinner table, the daily routine is not discouraged, the husband stays on a laptop in a room, and the wife is busy on her mobile in front of the TV. It is not surprising that in the same house, they send messages to each other on social media. Face-to-face communication is almost getting over. Phones and messages are the biggest means.


Marriage is no Necessary

Previously, if two people were in love, then it was obviously their destination wedding, but now the marriage is probably thought much later, love is also as long as it is right, bad love, then people easily Change the way. On the other hand, girls also no longer seek commitments of marriage in relationships. Actually, all people experiment, if they get success, then they will get married and if not, they will avoid getting tied in the wrong relationship, and proceed with this thinking.


No longer Abstaining from Flirting

Even if the partner knows that his partner flirts with his friends or online friends, she still does not consider it wrong. Thinking of it as part of everyday life, Ignores the light mode, because why so much space is allowed in the relationship for such a thing. People’s thinking is changing, they feel that there is no harm in flirting; it is just a way to reduce stress, which refreshes you.


Perfection is no Necessary

From the very beginning, in our society, there has been this thinking about the partner that he should be perfect in every way, there should not be any evil or bad habits, but now it is not so. People neither think of changing each other nor judge in that way. If there is any deficiency in the partner, then adopt it, because no one is perfect in the world.


Not always Together

Make every decision by asking the partner, sharing everything and everything, movies, dinner, parties together… No, it is not so now. Earlier all these things were part of the commitment, but not now. Now both are working and even if they are not working, then they plan things according to their convenience and time, which does not necessarily make them both always together.

Sometimes with their friends, sometimes with the partners, the partners plan their weekends, holidays or other fun activities. In this, both feel comfortable and do not mind. They find it easier because instead of always riding on each other’s heads, they feel that each other should be given personal space.


What is the mean of this change?

Is this change true or false? This is a matter of debate because, on the one hand where emotions are dying out due to practical, on the other hand, the pain of breaking the relationship has also reduced. Flirting, extra-marital affairs, digital relationships, increasing divorce, etc. are only side effects of this change.

But this change cannot be stopped, but yes, personally everyone can try to be honest in our relationships because the second name of the relationship is bondage and discipline.

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However, If you do not like this discipline and bonding, then it is better not to get tied into relationships. Be free, be alone… because such a relationship only increases loneliness despite being a partner. This is the reason that today everyone, despite being a partner, finds him alone somewhere.

At some point in life, one has to stop and stay, but this stagnation is no longer visible in relationships, in such a situation, you are left alone at that point, where you need love, belonging and companionship the most.

It would be better to invest time, communication, commitment and love in relationships so that your relationship bank balance is never empty.

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