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Missing love, Feeling Technical, Is Technology Effect On Human Lives?

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Till a few decades ago, the situation was that as soon as the festivals were heard, every house, family, society – everywhere began to make waves, the glow and excitement of faces filled with happiness, joy, and energy was scattered here and there. What to do, where to go, who to give gifts to, and how many dishes should be smelled from the kitchen – everyone’s list started to be made. Months before the market started circling and there was a long cycle of buying.

Time changed, our traditions, culture and most of all technology infiltrated our thinking. Every time technology started to stay with us in some form and then it became our biggest need. Now, when the arrival of festivals comes, the atmosphere is definitely visible in the atmosphere, but the eerie part of it has disappeared and a noisy noise is heard scattered here and there.

The competition to show off with others has reduced the importance of festivals. Festivals are now celebrated either to show their status, to impress others on how much we have spent, or to follow a tradition that has been happening for years, so we will have to celebrate.


Round of Forwarded Messages:

Earlier people used to give the greetings of festivals at their friend-relatives house. Due to marketism, first, it was replaced by big and expensive greeting cards, then e-greetings replaced them. The greetings sent by writing through greeting cards or letters with his hand included the smell of feeling, but instead, messages are now being sent to Facebook and WhatsApp.

These messages are also forwarded by anyone, which is forwarded. Many times these messages are forwarded without reading. They have no feelings, nor the real expression of the sender. These are only messages taken from the Internet. It can be found from this that how much technology has come to dominate us, which has destroyed the sensations.


Stronger Definitions of Relationships:

With many things like mutual love and harmony, social harmony, participation, the joy of celebrating together, non-discriminatory social etiquette, earlier festivals made our life come alive and overcome the monotony or monotony, and communicated enthusiasm and enthusiasm, but Nowadays, the breaking up of single-family and marketism has not only changed the nature of festivals but has distorted them. Truly festivals have begun to send a lot of pain to the hearts of sensitive people.

Excessive use of social media has disturbed our concentration but has ruined socialism. Calling and congratulating has also become outdated. Why needless to call someone to be disturbed, this thinking has increased the tendency of messaging to attack the concept of sociality itself. The gathering of people, which was increased through festivals, has come to an end. It is evident that when social media has become a means of speaking, then the culture of relationships is also being redefined.


Socialism Is Over:

‘Man is a social animal’, this sentence was told to us since childhood, but technology has probably made us antisocial now. The increasing dominance of social media has destroyed the sociality of human beings. If seen, social media has become the biggest need for life today. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and what not? Only one touch can be reached from this part of the world to that part. The distances of the country and the world have been reduced, but the distance has come in the relationships.

Due to lack of communication and lack of sharing, mutual engagement has reduced and this has affected the festivals. It was believed that all the grievances on festivals would go away. By embracing each other, feeding sweets used to dissolve all the bitterness of the mind. But now going to someone’s house is starting to be a waste of time, so if it is very important, online gifts are bought and sent.

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