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Nowadays, why are the relationship in the houses becoming violent? Time Is the success of relationships

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We all cry to each other for not having time, but have you ever thought for a moment that the needle you have tied yourself to at the same time, how the same needle is separating your relationship?

  • Time Is Most Important for any relationships
  • It is very important to give time to the relationships
  • No any relationship success without giving time

We all cry to each other for not having time, If this problem raise continues, then the day is not far away when the pain of injuries received from it, will not only be seen in our relationships but will also emerge as a canker in the society. If this does not happen, it is very important to give time to the relationship.

Breakfast after morning coffee, office after breakfast, dinner after office and then deep sleep after such a long tired day is very important… why is your time table the same way? Not only yours but nowadays it is usually the same from morning to evening. If there is a lack of anything in today’s time table, then it is time.

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Today none of us have time. We are only living for ourselves. If you have to work for someone else or go to meet someone, then we immediately say that brother is not the time yet. Except for the other relatives, nowadays, even husband and wife do not get time to meet each other. Many husband and wife are able to meet at the weekend only.

Despite all this, is it not true that even today, you will not forget the earthen courtyard in your house, in the middle of which there used to be a plant of Tulsi, which was looked after by mother with great care and love. Mother used to clean the courtyard every day and make beautiful Rangoli on it. Just understand that our relationship is also like the same courtyard and basil plant, which needs our time and hard work.

The better time we spend with our loved ones, the more our relationship will become stronger. But today, perhaps we are neither able to understand these distances between the relationships nor are we taking the relationships as seriously. Just as everything needs to be maintained to be good, similarly some moments of love are needed to save our relationships.

If time is not given to the relationships, then the distance will continue to increase in them. These distances can be emotional, ideological and even physical in the case of husband and wife.


How the Festival Makes Happy Relationship?

How do you think it relates to giving time to relationships? If you know, then our festivals have some customs related to some kind of relationship. If there is Karvachauth, then the festival of husband and wife and mother-in-law, if there is Raksha Bandhan, then the festival of siblings. Not only this, but we also have countless Teej-festivals, ceremonies and customs in which the presence and support of family and loved ones are mandatory.

Such a system has also been made in society so that you can spend time with your family and loved ones. This keeps our faith and faith in relationships. Today we shrug off all these things, steal our life. Do not be afraid of the nectar of relationships. Once drenched in it, all your stress, all your worries will be washed away.


Always be Positive in Relationships

Give quality time to relationships, it is most important that you should have faith in that relationship. No relationship is negative and if there is a relationship, then there will be expectations and if there are expectations, then there will also be estrangement.

If you accept all these things, then petty discord will never be able to create a crack or crack in your mind. Always keep a positive mind in mind that relationships are your need and keeping them is your priority.


Result of not Giving time to Relationships

We all have this tendency that unless we have anxiety or fear of a terrible result, then we do not make any effort to improve the conditions, whether the problem is of global warming or something big like swine flu until the problem takes a formidable form, we do not pay attention to it. Today our relationship is also going through this struggle. If nothing is done soon, the problem will become serious.

Today we are running. We do not have time to stop at all, but it may not happen that we have a lot of time in the evening of life, but the relationship may not be with us. Will you be able to live alone? No, because we are social animals. Being alone is neither our nature nor our values.

Loneliness is a very serious disease in itself, which can take you under its grip at any stage of umm. We cannot share our sorrows, our happiness alone or with ourselves. This deficiency fulfills the relationship.

Relationships fill our emptiness. Give us strength In these good times where we double our happiness, at a difficult time, we carry our sorrows on our shoulders. If it is explained in today’s language of profit and loss, then a little time investment made in relationships today will give you more returns in a short time.

This is an investment that will never harm you. So invest your time in relationships and stay in profit for life. Today, if you can earn a little relationship with money, then this capital will be useful for you throughout your life.


How should be the time investment?

  • Once a month, keep the get-together of relatives or family
  • Eat dinner together on a regular basis
  • Teach children to live together with everyone
  • Share your good and bad things with everyone
  • Visit everyone together from time to time


Is It Cool to have Relationships?

We must first understand that the relationship is not a daily soap serial in which commercials came in between. Psychologists also believe that if all the relationships in a person’s life are healthy, then his life will be very happy because it improves his mental health and emotional level.

In today’s run-of-the-mill routine, issues such as giving time to relationships are called futile. All relationships are considered a burden, but just think, do you always want to remember the good time spent with your family and family?

You always remember him, because the memories of that good time give you peace. Have you been so relaxed by remembering a meeting of your office or an official tour? Whether you tell or not, your answer will not be there. The reason is that no matter how much time you spend there, there is no relationship there. So remember the heart’s peace and comfort always give a relationship.

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