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These 5 Things in the Morning is Really Work to Loose Weight Fast

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If you really want to lose weight, then you will have to make many changes in your lifestyle. After waking up in the morning you have to do some work regularly.

Increased weight can upset anyone. Obesity brings with it many kinds of diseases in the body. People are also ready to shed money like water to lose weight. Whether to follow a diet or go to the gym, people are ready to do anything to lose weight.

For a healthy diet, you have to include protein, fiber and all kinds of nutrients in your food. Yoga and wellness coach Vandana Gupta knows how to lose weight easily by waking up in the morning and doing these 5 things.


  1. Wake Up in the Morning and Drink Lukewarm Water

    The first thing you should do after waking up in the morning is to drink lukewarm water. In the morning, the digestion process with lukewarm water is absolutely right. Drinking lukewarm water increases metabolism, which helps in reducing excess body fat and keeps you fit. If you want, you can also drink lemon water and honey mixed with lukewarm water. Apart from this, you can also drink herbal tea in the morning.


  1. Jogging at Sunrise

    You have to walk in the sunlight every morning for at least 20 minutes. This causes weight loss quickly. Many studies show that people who are deficient in Vitamin D, their weight starts increasing quickly.


  1. Protein-rich Breakfast

    Start the day with a good breakfast. Breakfast sets your whole day’s diet. You can also include soy, bin, sprouts, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs in your breakfast.

    4. Set the Goal of every day

    As long as you are not serious and aware of your goal, you will not be able to achieve it. What you are doing, how much and what you are eating, even what you are thinking while eating, all of these affect your body.

    5. Pranayama and Meditation

    By doing yoga every day, the body and mind remain relaxed and due to this, the weight starts to decrease easily.


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