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Aadhaar to Join Voter ID, Election Commission gets Green Signal from Government

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The Law Ministry and the Election Commission held an important meeting on Tuesday. In this, changes and reforms in the election process were discussed.

On Tuesday, a meeting was held between the Law Ministry and Election Commission officials on several issues, including improvement in the election process. In this meeting, the Commission also made a proposal regarding the election affidavit and paid news. It said that the wrong information in the affidavit and paid news should be classified as a serious crime and it’s accused should be punished with a serious crime.

Changes and reforms in the election process were discussed in the important meeting of the Law Ministry and the Election Commission. PTI has been quoted by the news agency PTI that the Election Commission had sought to change the Representation of the People Act and allow it to link Aadhaar to the voter list so that those who wrongly create voter I cards can be put under control. This issue was discussed and the Ministry has agreed.

On the issue of linking Aadhaar with the Voter ID Card, the Law Ministry has asked the Election Commission to ensure that information cannot be leaked through Aadhaar after the link is made. The Commission has recently made a list of necessary steps to prevent data leaks. The meeting was attended by Law Ministry Secretary G Narayan Raju, Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora, Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra, and Ashok Lavasa. If there is a change in the election process, the migrant will be able to vote in that area only when he has been there.


Preparations to Curb Crime During Elections:

The Election Commission wants to include more and more youth in the voter list. For this also he wants to improve. The Commission is demanding more options for this. Currently, there is an option of registration for new voters i.e. on January 1, the voter list is registered only after the completion of the age of 18 years. The Commission now wants multiple options, so that more youth can be named in the list. The Commission also pointed out that 40 different proposals have pending with the Ministry regarding reforms.

In the meeting, the commission has also demanded a further tightening of crime during elections. Currently bribing in elections is a non-cognizable offense, where investigation cannot take place without the permission of the magistrate. The Election Commission wants to bring it under the category of serious crime so that the accused can be punished like a serious crime like murder, dowry, death, and rape.


Work on Linking Aadhaar and PAN Continues

Let us know that in August 2019, a letter was written by the Election Commission to the Law Ministry. In which it was appealed that those who are applying for the new voter ID card should be considered to link their Aadhaar. Till now, voters had also been asked to consider adding it.

According to the recent Lok Sabha election data, there are about 90 crore voters in the country. At the same time, about the same number of people have an Aadhaar card. Earlier, an order was issued by the government to link the Aadhaar card and PAN card. The deadline has been given till 31 March 2020 to link Aadhaar-PAN.

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