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Air Pollution: 1 Million Deaths Annually in India, The Economy is Losing 57 Thousand Crores

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Due to the air pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels, the world is losing Rs 57 thousand crore daily. This cost is 3.3 percent of the global economy. This has been claimed by an environmental research group in its study. The study says that one million people are dying every year due to air pollution in India.

The report by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREEA) and Greenpeace South East Asia assesses the loss of air pollution from oil, gas, and coal. According to the report, due to pollution, China is losing 64 lakh crores annually, America 42 lakh crores and India 11 lakh crores.

WHO says that every year around 4.5 million people die due to air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels worldwide. Air pollution is responsible for the deaths of 1.8 million people in China and 1 million in India. Most deaths are due to heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and acute respiratory infections.

Recent studies have revealed that living in India’s capital Delhi means that you are consuming 10 cigarettes of smoke daily. Minwu Son, who runs a clean air movement in Greenpeace East Asia, says air pollution from fossil fuels poses a threat to our health as well as the economic system.

Son said that millions of people die due to air pollution. But this is a problem that cannot be overcome. We have to include renewable sources excluding fossil fuels for energy. The report said that nitrogen dioxide causes a loss of Rs 25 lakh crore to the global economy.

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