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Ayodhya: After 27 Year’s, Ramlala Got the New Temporary Temple

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In the temple, the first enclosure of about 50 feet high and 60 feet wide iron-strong guard is made. This circle has been welded so firmly from all sides, including the top, with a strong mesh of iron, that there is no scope for anyone to enter.

  • Ramlala will be sitting on March 24
  • Ramlala’s Temporary fiber temple ready
  • Ramlala has been seated in the tent for 27 years


The Hindu lord Shri Ramlala, who is living in a tent, will now enter the temporary temple. This temple will be given permanent form on Thursday. The work of the temporary temple is almost complete. It is built near the earlier temple. The first enclosure of this temple being decorated in saffron color is forged in an iron guard, and the second is of wood. In the last circle is a temple of grand bulletproof fiber, in which Ramlala will be seated.

The first enclosure of a strong iron guard of 50 feet high and 60 feet wide is made in the temple. This circle has been welded so firmly from all sides, including the top, with a strong mesh of iron, that there is no scope for anyone to enter.

Within this, the back of the platform of the pre-face temple is adjacent to the net. Then the entire structure has been erected on a three-foot-high platform with a 25-foot-tall temple-like foundation of foreign strong Malaysian wood of 24 x 17 feet.

The only door to enter the temporary temple is placed in the east direction. The grand structure of the main temple with the last security enclosure inside will be made of bulletproof fiber. The only east side gate in this temple will also be bulletproof. There will be three gates in the temple, the second will be of wood and the third will be of strong iron.

Darshan Marg has also been completely packed in iron guards with a mesh for protection of devotees and protection from monkeys. Iron guard and mesh, where the work of dyeing saffron has started. On the other hand, the Home Ministry team brought the saffron color from Delhi itself.


“Sanitization and handwashing arrangements will also be made by the Trust for people coming to the temple to prevent coronavirus.”


Ramlala Will be Sitting on March 24

As per reports, Ramlala will be seated in the temple of fiber on March 24, a day before the Chaitra Navratra. Ramlala will stay in the temple of this fiber till a temple is built on Ram’s birthplace. This information was given by Champat Rai, General Secretary of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust. According to Champat Rai, the second meeting of the trust will be held in Ayodhya on April 4 after Ram Navami.

Significantly, this Ram temple made of fiber is completely safe from water and fire. This will be the first time that after 1992, Ramlala will move out of his tent and move to a temple made of fiber.

Ramlala’s head priest Acharya Satyendra Das said, “Ramlala has been seated in the tent for 27 years. Now Ramlala’s fiber temple has arrived. Ramlala will be shifted as soon as possible. The fiber temple is very good. Ramlala there will be all the comforts and facilities needed for it. Ramlala will not have any kind of problem now.


For the first time funds were deposited in the account of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust on Ramlala from 20 February to 5 March. According to Dr. Anil Mishra, an authorized member of Shriram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust to operate the account deposited 804982 rupees in the account of the trust opened in the branch of State Bank of Ayodhya.


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