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Corona Virus Attack: Government Lifts Ban on Export of Surgical Masks and Gloves

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The Indian government had banned the export of surgical masks and gloves, but now it has been lifted. Exports were banned last month after the Coronavirus attack in China.

Taking caution after the Corona virus attack in China, the Indian government banned the export of surgical masks and gloves last month but has now been lifted. Its information has been given in a notification.


Why Was it Stopped:

The government had last month banned the export of all personal protective equipment, including surgical masks and gloves after the Corona virus infection spread to China. This step was taken in this context because the demand for these things was expected to increase in view of the infection of corona virus.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade said in a notification, “Export of all gloves except surgical masks, one-time-use masks, and NBR gloves have been approved.” However, there will be a ban on the export of other protective equipment.

Condition Critical In China

Significantly, 97 people died in China from Corona on Sunday, while 3,062 new confirmed cases were reported. News agency PTI quoted China’s National Health Commission as saying that 908 people have died due to Coronavirus so far. The center of Corona is Hubei Province and the highest number of deaths occurred on Sunday at 91.

On Sunday, 4,008 new suspected Corona cases were revealed. The condition of 296 people is stated to be critical. In this way, the condition of a total of 6,484 people is still serious, while the total number of suspected cases is 23,589. The confirmed case number of Corona has reached 40,171.

PM Modi Has Offered Help To China:

The Corona virus in China has caused outrage. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken of cooperation with Chinese President Xi Jinping and the people of China. PM Modi has written a letter to the Chinese President offering assistance from India. Along with this, PM Modi has also mourned the loss of life and property. At the same time, PM Modi has also appreciated the facility provided by the Chinese government to evacuate Indian citizens from Hubei province.

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