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Coronavirus Lockdown: PM Narendra Modi will addressed again tonight at 8 o’clock

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will once again address the country today on the issue of Coronavirus at 8  o’clock. PM Narendra Modi tweeted this morning and gave information about this.

  • PM Narendra Modi will address to the country again tonight
  • PM Narendra Modi will talk on the issue of Coronavirus
  • In the last Addressed PM Narendra Modi was announced for Janta Curfew

PM Narendra Modi will address the country once again on Tuesday evening, amid the cases of Coronavirus increasing in the country. PM Narendra Modi will address the nation at 8 pm today. Earlier on 19 March, the PM addressed the country and announced the Janta curfew. PM Narendra Modi gave this information on Twitter.

The number of positive cases of coronavirus in the country has crossed 500 and so far 10 deaths have occurred. In such a situation, the lockdown was announced by the central and state governments, curfew has also been imposed in many states.

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A total of 30 states of the country including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Gujarat have announced a complete lockdown. Apart from this, strict instructions are being given to the people not to leave the houses. Apart from this, the police have also taken legal action against those who violated the lockdown.


Lockdown Was Violated in the Many States

Please tell that due to Coronavirus, the lockdown has been done in 30 states of the country. But in the pictures that came on Monday, it was seen that people are coming on the streets and not following the lockdown. PM Narendra Modi himself tweeted and appealed to the people to take the lockdown seriously and get the state government to follow the law.

Earlier, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation on March 19 at 8 pm. Even then, PM Narendra Modi had talked about the coronavirus in his address and announced the Janta curfew on 22 March. Apart from this, PM Narendra Modi had asked the general public to show gratitude to the people working in the fight against the coronavirus in the country.

On the appeal of PM Narendra Modi, the countrymen came and played applause on the terrace of their house at 5 o’clock in the evening. But even after this, people had come to the streets in many places and had gathered a crowd.

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