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Do you know the Facts of Yamdwar near Mount Kailash? Read here

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The name “Yamdwar” can be derived from many meanings but we are talking about the entrance to the house of Yamraj the “God of Death” situated in the north of India, the Himalayas contain an infinite number of mysteries.

  • Yamdwar – Gate on Earth
  • Mount Kailash Yatra

Tibet in the Himalayas in the north-east, which once used to be part of unbroken India. If we call it a land of mysteries, then it will not be an exaggeration.

This Yamdwar (Yama’s gate) is 30 minutes away from the same Tibet Dar-Chen. Yamdwar falls in the way of the holy Kailash-mountain. The Kailash yatra begins only after circling it. Tibetans know it by the name of “Chor Ten Kang Naggi” which means two-legged stapes. According to Hindu belief, it is considered the home of Yamaraja.

It is the starting point of the Parikrama Yatra of Mount Kailash. It is said that the person staying here at night does not live. Many such incidents have also taken place, but the reasons behind this have not been revealed till date. Who built this temple and when? There is no proof of this.

Many types of research were done but no result was found. It is said that there is a world beyond this door and on the other side is “Mukti Dham”. The Buddhist Lama League believes that by coming here, there is liberation. That’s why sick lamas come here as the last wish and have their lives abandoned.

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