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India: Untold Hidden Story of Non-Rusting Iron Pillar Delhi

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India is a holy country and has a lot of hidden secrets in it! At the Mehrauli salt place of its capital Delhi, there is an Iron pillar whose secret has not been revealed to the people till date.


  • Mystory of Iron Pillar
  • History of non-rusting Iron Garun Pillar

The Iron Pillar was erected as a flag pillar in front of the Vishnu-Temple built by King Chandra, then Garun was installed on it; hence it is also called Garun-Pillar. There is something written in Sanskrit in the iron pillar about 7 meters high, according to which it was erected as a flag pillar. In Mathura,

Later in 1050, it was brought to Delhi by the founder of modern Delhi, Maharaja Anangpal Tomar, but most history scholars believe the Hindu emperor Maharaja Vikramaditya, the creator of it, the name Chandra also refers to Maharaja Chandragupta Vikramaditya with an average diameter of about four and a half feet. This Iron-Pillar was built by Maharaja Vikramaditya more than 2000 years ago.

At that time, the foreign invaders of the Kushan caste were driven out of the land of India by Maharaja Vikramaditya, then they built this pillar as a commemoration of the great victory over them, hence it is also called the Victory-Pillar.

Seeing this Iron- Pillar made of about 98 percent pure steel, it gives an idea of ​​how skilled metalworkers will be. The reason why this pillar made of iron metal is famous is something else. This iron pillar has been experiencing rain and wind for centuries but it has not rusted till date. Many metallurgists researched this and gave their rationale behind its corrosion, in which IIT Kanpur expert Ramamurthy Balasubramaniam and his team is the head of research.

He inspected this column, researched it and gave his vote. According to them, to protect this pillar from rust or any other type of metal, a thin layer of chemical named0 “Misavit” was mounted on it. This was made from a mixture of iron and oxygen elements. This did not add color to it till the date. A similar process is nowadays used to protect radioactive materials in nuclear reactors.

The amount of phosphorus in the high technology used to make this protection layer was 1% compared to iron. Nowadays this ratio is not even half a percent. Accurate proportional use of phosphorus with iron is giving evidence of the high metallurgy and technology of ancient India. Due to which modern scientists are surprised. Although Ramamurthy Balasubramaniam and his team and some other experts are doing research on this, there may be some more shocking revelations in the future.

Today the place known as Mehrauli was once “Mihiravali”. This grand “Mihiravali” was built by Maharaja Vikramaditya as one of his nine gems Varah- Mihir as an observatory for space and cosmological research. The place had 27 sections which were built on the basis of 27 constellations.

There are many specific sections of history in the pride of ancient India that you will be proud to know. At the same time, those so-called leftist intellectuals ( Which is really hypocritical and liar ) will also be angry that they wrote a negative history of India. Preaching the lie while hiding the truth from us.

As the mention of eating beef in the Vedas, Aryans came from outside, they defeated the Brahmins, the natives of this place, and took control of India. The propaganda of “Manusmriti” being anti-women etc.
There are two misdeeds for which neither history will ever forgive them nor generations to come.

But the dawn of despair and negativity, with the calamity of demolition, is about to set. And the sun of creation is to rise with its thousand rays.

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