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India’s Chetak Commando Force will be Protect “Trump”

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Even before the arrival of US President Donald Trump, his security system has reached Gujarat. US Secret Service personnel are staying in many hotels in Ahmedabad. They are taking stock of the security arrangements with the officers of India’s Elite Commando Force NSG and Chetak Commando Force here.

In addition to the American Secret Service, President Chetak Commando Force of the National Security Guard of India and the Gujarat Police will be deployed to protect President Donald Trump during the 22 km long roadshow.

“The Chetak Commando Force was formed after the 2008 Mumbai attack. Gujarat Police personnel receive special training in Israel and become part of the Chetak Commando Force.”

During the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign, there was a terrorist attack at the rally of then Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi in Patna, when the Gujarat government requested the Center to increase security. However, the Center rejected the state government’s demand, citing the NSG’s security as sufficient.

After this, the Gujarat government had deployed Chetak Commando Force personnel under the protection of Narendra Modi. Many of these soldiers were also sent to Israel for state-of-the-art training.


NSG personnel will also be deployed under the protection of “Trump”

The team of India’s National Security Guard will also be deployed along with the American Secret Service to guard the trump. Explain that the NSG has proved its strength against terrorism, kidnapping and urban proxy war.

Let us tell you that NSG was established in 1984 as a federal contingency force to deal with incidents like kidnapping and terrorist incidents. The force’s commandos have five hubs across the country, with its head office in Manesar, Gurgaon.

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