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Jamia Violence: 4 Fresh CCTV Videos Surfaced in 48 Hours, Different Claims about Everyone

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A fourth video has surfaced in two days in connection with the video of policemen lathing on students studying in the library on December 15 in Jamia Millia Islamia. None of these videos have been confirmed yet by Delhi Police. However, politics has intensified regarding these. Know what’s in these videos that are going viral …!


What Seen in Jamia’s Library Fourth Video Footage 

The policemen are seen removing the table inside the library by putting the table in front of the door which was closed. At the same time, dozens of students are seen escaping from the library. Police are also seen beating some students. In this video, police are also seen breaking the CCTV cameras. This video has been released by Makhtub Media. Regarding this, the Jamia Coordination Committee claims that they have not released this video and they do not even have raw footage of it.


Masked has seen Sitting in Library in Third Video

New Delhi. A video of the library has gone viral, in which some masked men were seen sitting in the library. After this, the students already sitting inside started putting the table-chair of the library in such a way that the main gate could not be opened. However, the date and time of this video are not known.


44 Second Video Showing Student Throwing Stones

In another viral video of Zakir Hussain Library of Jamia Campus, a young man is seen throwing stones in the hands and throwing it on the other side. He is also seen making plans with his teammates before throwing stones. However, the student seen in this 44-second video has not been identified yet.


What does BJP Say

After Jamia’s library video came out, BJP leader GVL Narasimha said that when action is taken against those who spread violence and anarchy, there is no sympathy for the Delhi Police in their hearts. This is not a Congress government. Will not the police do its work when terror spreads, immigration? The work that the Delhi Police has done during the Protest is commendable. If more force is used then Delhi Police will investigate it.


Former Lt. Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung says

After the videos related to the Jamia violence surfaced, former Lt. Governor of Delhi Najeeb has said that at least one statement should have come from the Delhi Police. If any of the students also enter the library with a stone, then that too is condemnable. This entire incident should be investigated in detail.


Questions: Why the Video was Released After the Election?

Several questions are also being raised on the release of video of police action in Jamia on social media. People are raising questions on social media that there is a big conspiracy behind the video coming out after the Delhi elections. People were questioning the police action since morning. The situation changed after three other videos went viral by the evening. Some people started supporting the police action.


Jamia Coordination Committee

After the video of the police lathing became viral, it became clear that batons were unnecessarily bathed on innocent students. After checking the video, the accused policemen should be booked and arrested.

The video of lathing in Dr. Zakir Hussain Library of Jamia has not been released by the university. It has been released by the Jamia Coordination Committee, whose members sit on the protest against the CAA at No. Gate 7. The statements of this committee should not be associated with the university. For some days, some official account is being claimed on social media in the name of Jamia, which is completely wrong.


Home Minister and Delhi Police told lies Said Priyanka

Sharing the video of the police action in Jamia’s library on Twitter, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra Gandhi accused the Home Minister and the Delhi Police of lying. He said that if no action is taken in this matter, the intention of the government will also be clear.


Sitaram Yechury (CPIM General Secretary) Says

Police behavior is highly inappropriate and cannot be accepted. Police action on students in universities is being done for political purposes with the help of lies and false facts. Delhi Police is directly under Home Minister Amit Shah. They treat their young students studying in a library like this. Shameful!


Amit Malviya (Head of BJP IT Cell) Says

Investigation agencies should use viral videos to further their investigation. It is better for rioters to reveal their identity on their own. Masked books are read in the library. Instead of books, he is looking towards the entrance. Is the library a hiding place for rioters after stone-pelting.

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