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Lockdown: PPE Kit Scam and Liquor Smuggling in Punjab, Himachal and Haryana

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While the people of the country are following the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection, the liquor smugglers in Haryana doing thier work. There have been reports of PPE kit scam in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The smugglers in the states are being successful in running their business.


  • PPE Kit Scam in Punjab-Himachal and Liquor Smuggling in Haryana
  • The news of PPE kit scam in Himachal Pradesh is now under discussion
  • The opposition Shiromani Akali Dal has also demanded an inquiry into the PPE kit and mask scam

When a common Indian is imprisoned in their homes and following the lockdown, only some greedy politicians, corrupt officials, and smugglers are busy looting money. There is also a scam in the purchase of personal protective equipment kit in the country facing Corona crisis.

The news of PPE kit scam in Himachal Pradesh is now under discussion. In all the stages of lockdown, there were scams involving PPE kits indiscriminately. The scams began with top Secretariat officials who allegedly bought hand sanitizers, masks, and PPE kits at expensive prices.

Detailed information about the scams came to light after the arrest of Dr. AK Gupta, Director of Health Department. In fact, audio is going viral in which they are demanding Rs. 5 lakh from a supplier of bribe Renuka. The name of the state president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Dr. Rajiv Bindal, also came up in this controversy. He resigned from his post on Wednesday.


The business was Running Illegally

The State Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau has also registered a case against the firm in the name of Lalit Kumar. The Chief Minister has also ordered an inquiry into this matter. It is alleged that expensive price tags were put on the bottles of sanitizer. It was supplied at the wrong prices. The supplier did not have any license nor was it registered under the Drug and Cosmetics Act. The Vigilance Bureau has seized all documents, sanitizer, hand wash, and other materials.


Scam Treason in Lockdown: Congress

Where Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur has ordered an inquiry on the allegations. The President of Himachal Pradesh BJP submitted his resignation to JP Nadda on moral grounds. The opposition Congress party in the state has justified all the allegations, saying that while people were sending their hard-earned money to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, politicians and officials were busy looting the same money.


Demand for High-Level Investigation

Mukesh Agnihotri, the Leader of Opposition in Himachal Pradesh, said that when the world is facing the Corona epidemic when some people were depositing their hard-earned hard work in the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. At the same time, coronavirus was being scammed in the PPE kit. In this scam, the name of the senior BJP leader comes; the name of his eldest health officer comes. This is nothing short of treason at any cost. We have demanded a high-level inquiry into this matter. CBI should investigate this or judge the High Court.


PPE Kit, N-95 Mask Scam in Punjab

The neighboring state of Himachal Pradesh Punjab is also struggling with a scam. Apart from crores of liquor scam, there has also been a PPE kit and mask scam in Punjab. Poor equipment was provided at hospitals in Ludhiana and Amritsar. Amritsar Government Medical College and Ludhiana Civil Hospital staff termed the PPE kit as bad and said that quality had been compromised. The opposition Shiromani Akali Dal has also demanded an inquiry into the PPE kit and mask scam.


Benefits of Liquor Smugglers in Haryana

On the one hand, there is a scam of PPE kits and masks in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, while in Haryana, liquor smugglers are making money. In the lockdown, the Haryana government has incurred a loss of 1000 crores in excise duty. The arrest of a senior police officer and the case against 6 soldiers and 3 liquor mafia is opening up the scam of liquor scam in Punjab.

The police not only helped Bhupendra in smuggling liquor from neighboring Punjab but also sold the seized liquor through him in Gujarat as well as Haryana. Bhatta’s owned by some Congress leaders from Punjab made illegal crores of rupees. During the lockdown, liquor supply was also allegedly made to Haryana liquor smugglers.

Haryana Health and Home Minister Anil Vij have called for a state-level inquiry. A three-member team of the SIT is investigating it. The senior IAS officer will lead it. Liquor has been smuggled from two godowns in Sonipat.


Captain Government has not awakened

While the BJP government of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh has ordered an inquiry into the alleged scams, in the Congress-ruled state, the government has not woken up to sleep. Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu has said that no scam has happened, but all this is happening in a transparent manner. He said that there was no scam in some PPE kits, but some things were faulty.

It is worth noting that whether the investigation of the Haryana and Himachal Pradesh government reaches any conclusion. It should not be proved that the order of inquiry has been given merely to divert public attention. It should not happen in the investigation that the name of the officials of the small level should come out in this scam and the big dealers should come out clean.



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