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Namaste Trump: Donald Trump is Very Fond of Food, What India Serve in Trump’s Plate

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US President Donald Trump is coming to India as in trends it’s called “Namaste Trump”. After security, the biggest concern is what should be served in the trump plate. Trump is a food lover.

US President Donald Trump is visiting India on 24 February. Due to Trump’s tour, every small and big like and dislikes are being taken care of. During the tour of India, the maximum time of the trump will be spent in the country’s capital Delhi. Arrangements for their stay and drinking have been made at ITC Morya Hotel. Trump is very fond of eating and drinking. Let us know what Donald Trump likes to eat.

In David Bossi’s book ‘Late Trump by Trump’, Donald Trump has been told about what he likes to eat. According to the book, Donald Trump’s habits are not less than children in terms of food and drink. They like to eat Junkfood the most. They like to eat pizza and burgers. In 1995, he also advertised Pizza Hut. In which Trump was seen telling the right way to eat pizza. This ad was also well-liked.

Special Tandoori dishes are being offered to them in the hotel where they will stay in Delhi. It is good to eat trump baked dishes and green finely chopped salad. Speaking of cold drinks, Trump likes to drink diet coke. People believe that Trump’s choice in the matter of eating food is not healthy at all. But Trump does not care. They believe in living life to the fullest. This is the reason that when it comes to food, they are not able to stop their inner food.

To say that even though Donald Trump is the President of the most powerful country in the world, he is like children in the matter of food. It is true that he is very foody and is also a good food lover. They are also connected to the hotel business, so making Donald Trump happy in front of those who serve Indian cuisine will be no less than a challenge.

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