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NPR Start From April 1, President Kovind will be the First Nomination

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The work of updating the National Population Register (NPR) is scheduled to begin from April 1. New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) will nominate President Ramnath Kovind as the first countryman of the region. On this day, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be included in the list.


While there is a rule to begin the process of NPR from the President, the Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner intends to make it grand. For this reason, the Vice-President and Prime Minister’s residence will also be visited on the same day for the calculation. The residences of the three fall in the area of ​​NDMC. For this reason, the Office of the Registrar General of India (ORGI) has sent letters seeking a convenient time from him.

According to a Times of India report, an official said, “ORGI” expects to cover the three top authorities of the country on the first day of NPR nomination as per the availability. In Delhi, the President’s nomination will be in the presence of the Home Minister, Registrar General, Census Commissioner and Director of Census Operations. The same team will also nominate the Vice President and the Prime Minister.

The NPR nomination of the President, Vice-President, and Prime Minister, as well as Cabinet Ministers, will be done with due publicity. So that people can be given a positive message. The importance of the census and NPR will also be outlined to convey the message to the people during this period. This is because many opposition-ruled states have expressed their concerns about NPR.

What is the National Population Register (NPR):

The National Population Register is a government document in which the list of residents recorded shows that this man has been living in a particular area for at least the last six months, or wishes to stay for at least another six months. It contains the list of citizens of the country up to Village, Tehsil, District, Country level.

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