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Real Story: When the First Religious Riot Occurred in India

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India has always been a communal country. People of every religion have always lived and are living here. But there is also a truth that people have been fighting among themselves in the name of religion. Many communal riots have also taken place in the name of religion in India and are still happening.

 Beginnings 0f First Riot in India

The beginning of riots in India is hidden in the freedom movement when the British had to break the unity of Hindus and Muslims and rule here. He also succeeded in this task. Riots created hatred between Hindus and Muslims resulting in the partition of India. Jinnah and Nehru knew that this was the trick of the British, but even knowing that Jinnah and Nehru remained calm, perhaps both were under political pressure or were saying that they were seeing their political advantage, anyway.

So many riots took place during the British rule. Ever since the revolution of 1857, the work of breaking the unity of Hindus and Muslims was going on. But after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919, the British government started communal riots and started promoting them very much among the Hindus and Muslims.

This false propaganda led to increasing hatred among Hindus and Muslims, which resulted in the first inhuman riot of the country in 1924 in Kohat in a very inhuman manner. People of both communities were killed in this riot.

Let me tell you that when this first riot happened in Kohat, India was not partitioned at that time. The partition of India was done on the basis of the Indian Independence Act 1947, built on the basis of the Mountbatten Plan. It was said in this act that on 15 August 1947, two autonomous investments will be made called the Dominion of India and Pakistan and the British Government will hand over power to them.

The Moplah Muslims of Malabar first reached the Hindu Muslim unity with the communal violence. In the month of August-September 1921, Muslims killed many Hindus, Hindu women also had to suffer their atrocities. When these facts were published in the newspaper, tension spread throughout the country. In Multan also, Muslims killed, destroyed or looted many Hindus. Such communal riots took place in many corners of the country.


First Communal Riot in Kohat

In May 1926, a Muslim newspaper in Punjab “Lahul” appeared in an anti-Hindu poem, which was as follows –

“तुझे तेग ए मुस्लिम उठानी पड़ेगी, कृष्ण तेरी गीता जलानी पड़ेगी”

In response, the Hindu newspaper of Jammu also published a poem which was as follows –

“बनाएंगे काबा में विष्णु का मंदिर, नमाजी की हस्ती मिटानी पड़ेगी”

A person named Jeevandas had received one thousand copies of Hindu news and sold around 30 – 40 copies on 22 August 1924 on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. When these copies reached the Muslims, they started attacking the Hindus. The houses of Hindus were burnt, 12 Hindus were killed, 13 Hindus went missing, the bodies of 24 Hindus were badly injured, 62 Hindus were badly injured.

In response to this, Hindus also attacked the Muslims and riots started in Kohat. The death toll of Muslims was higher than that of Hindus. Altogether 10 Muslims were killed, only 1 or 2 Muslims went missing, 6 Muslims were badly injured and 17 Muslims were injured in general.


After this incident, Hindus were shifted from Kohat to Rawalpindi. Gandhi Ji went to Rawalpindi several times to help the Hindus victims of Kohat riot but he could not help anything. Bhai Parmanand succeeded in aiding the suffering Hindus with the help of the local Hindu Mahasabha.

In this way, it was the first riot of India even after the partition of India and after that, there were many riots in India and somewhere today there are riots in the name of religion in India.

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