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Sanatan Mystery: Why “Hinduism” is Called Sanatan?

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The question is often raised as to why Hinduism is called Sanatan? What is the real meaning of this eternal? Why is Hindutva behavior the only thing of the Santani mystery, can there be any explanation of the origin of Hinduism?

During the commentaries of most of the religious episodes, it is also said to explain the meaning of Sanatan and there is a strong effort to understand its themes. But prejudices often stop giving the right answer. Today we will try to understand this question a little deeper.

What is the Meaning of Sanatan?

The literal meaning of Sanatan is well known but many peoples still don’t know about it. Sanatan generally means ‘one who has always existed’, that is, no one has any concern with the origin and birth and is an object or person or principle. That is religion or way of life like unborn, whose stream of development has been continuous.

You cannot name anyone deity who is the originator of the Hindu Sanatan tradition. No such person can claim that he has created Sanatan Dharma through his efforts.

All religions of the world originated from the ideology of some people. The beliefs of religions like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Zarathustrian, Parsik, etc. basically depend on the messages of some Prophet or divine messengers. The principles associated with him irrefutably are influenced by the mechanism of that messenger; his lifestyle is the basis for them.

But the same thing does not apply to the Sanatan tradition at all. It is a flow ideology, a simple way of life, as vast and deep as the head of the continent. Neither the beginning nor the end, indestructible, is invincible and constant like that Almighty ..!!

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