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This Diwali Lighten Your Homes with Potters Ki Diwali

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The narrow lane of Kumhar Gram which is also referred to as ‘Potters colony’ is buzzing with the activity of creating clay decorative items and Diyas for the occasion of Diwali. The colony houses 500 families from the country’s ancient potter’s community.

Their artistry and skills have made Potters Colony as one of the famous places for earthenware but when comes the season of Diwali probably each one of them from this community does not have enough fund to lit up their own household. This is not only the instance of Kumhar Gram but across the country, potters are suffering as we more tend to buy led lights and Chinese lighting products to décor our homes in Diwali.

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in India which in Sanskrit means ‘Rows of light’, is usually getting celebrated from ancient days. Traditionally, the Diyas (oil lamps) which were made out of clay was the only means to lit up in Diwali for every household. However, these are getting replaced with Chinese rice lights.

Still, like every year, potters line up their clay décor items like lamps, pots, god’s idol and flower vases on the side of the street with the hope of selling a few of their created items.

#PKD (Potters ki Diwali) Mission of Anshul Saxena

Anshul Saxena who became a new internet sensation for struggling hard to make a footprint of the potters this Diwali through his #PKD campaign on 20th and 21st October 2019.  He believes that who should make people aware through this campaign that Chinese lights in Diwali is not our indigenous culture.

Diyas not only bears the tradition of our Diwali festival but it also symbolizes the hard work of our potters. He urges to preserve the artistry skills and keep alive the spirit of the Diwali festival in the traditional way. He also believes that our purchase will not only help them economically but would also help them to buy new clothes like us in this Diwali.

To make his self-funded #PKD mission a success he is distributing pamphlets. He urges everyone to volunteer the cause and spread the message of the mission simply by pasting the pamphlets on the walls of the crowded areas of their own city/town and village. Moreover, he requests all the participants who want to take part in this mission voluntarily to translate the lineaments of his pamphlets into regional language so that everyone could understand.

He anticipates to lit up at least a few homes this Diwali, if not all. He tweeted saying “Mission PKD stands for Potters Ki Diwali. This mission is being carried out on 20-21 October by common People who’ve contacted potters & talked to people too This is a purely self-funded awareness Mission. I tried my best to cover all Indian states Can we trend #PottersKiDiwali”.

Anshul Saxena’s PKD Mission Align with Modi’s ‘Make in India’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set out an ambitious agenda three years back by announcing the ‘Make in India’ program. The centerpiece of the program is to encourage national manufacturing which would help to promote our country’s economy.  This also aligns with Anshul Saxena’s PKD mission to promote the sluggish sector of the economy so that it improves the livelihood of the people.



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