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Why India is Justifiably Ranked as one of the Unsafe Country for Women?

Women's safety in India
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Many Indians disapproved of the report published by Thomson Reuters Foundation where it was stated that India as one of the dangerous countries in terms of women’s safety. After conducting various surveys, they have published the report that India surpass countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Somalia because of the high risk of sexual violence.

Locking up women and blaming alcohol or mobile phones as one of the reasons for increasing rape count in India is probably not a solution. The tell-tale responses of police officers, politicians and lawmakers after the brutal rape and murder of a doctor on her way home from work in Hyderabad has answered everything apart from one question- Why women are not safe in India?

Since last Friday, when another Nirbhaya incident took place in our country when the charred body of 26-year-old Doctor from Hyderabad found after four men gang-raped and murdered her. And yet another cycle of blame game started along with victim shaming and ridiculous solutions provided in the national media. At times, it seems that those who are responsible for ascertaining the safety and security of the women in the country do not have the idea that the condition of the country is deteriorating with every passing day.

On Monday, Rajya Sabha Member and former actress Jaya Bachchan called for the lynching of the rapist in full public view where other BJP MP Roopa Ganguly has supported her. Though the anger against this kind of case is more than justified, a person in influence should not call for more violence in response to violence.

Even more outrageous was the response of Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao who called for a curfew at 8 pm and sought an end of women working shifts at the wee hour of the day. Even the police department has issued 14 safety tips that a woman needs to follow while they are outside. Out of which one of the steps includes ‘shout and run towards the crowded areas’ and always dial 100. This is how the lawmakers of our country expect the women to live.

Preventing women from stepping out and binding them in safety tips will not end the menace of rape. According to the recent data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) total 32, 559 rapes are reported in India in 2017 out of which in 26,591 rape cases, the accused is known to the victim.

Real problems in our country are always overlooked. Enclosing women like sheep and asking them not to come out after the sun is down is a grain against gender equality. Especially, such brutal rape cases are the responsibility of state and central government to prevent. Instead of sympathetic reaction on the issue, India needs to delve into the issue considering the aspects of its cause. The government wants to save girl child and promote their education, what is the relevance of this empowerment until they do not qualify to shun the misogyny violence against women.

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