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Will Government Take Action for Population Control?

Population Control
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The world population is increasing at a very fast pace. The last five to six decades have especially seen tremendous growth in the human population. There are several reasons for the same. One of the main reasons for this is the development in the field of medical science that has brought down the death rate.

Another reason is the growing birth rate, especially in the poor and developing countries. Lack of education and lack of family planning are among the top reasons for the high birth rate in these countries.

Ironically, while the human population is increasing rapidly, the population of animals and birds is decreasing by the day. In an attempt to satisfy their needs, the humans are cutting down on forests that serve as a shelter for the wild animals. Several species of animals and birds have been impacted due to this.

The growing pollution due to the ever-increasing traffic and the establishment of various industries is another reason for the decrease in population of the fauna. This is because it is having a negative impact on the weather.


It is time the governments of the countries with a high population must take strict measures to control the same else our planet will no longer be fit for the survival of mankind.

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