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How Long Will it Continue Like This? One Day the Earth Will Become Barren

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Indiscriminate felling of trees is also an important reason behind the decline in the level of environment and sanitation. The earth is covered with uncountable trees, but people are cutting them fiercely for their convenience and benefit. Today the situation has become such that many areas have become barren due to the end of the forest.

In September 2015, a world-renowned magazine Nature based on science released a report which is based on the current situation of forests and trees. Apart from nature, the reality of forests and trees has also been searched from other sources (World

There are 3 trillion trees worldwide and every year 15.3 billion trees are being cut. In this way, the loss of more than 2 trees per person is being done. According to scientists, at the time of the beginning of human civilization (about 12 thousand years ago), there has been a 46 percent decrease in the number of trees on the earth.


28 Trees Per Person in India

Talking about India, only 28 trees per person come to the country. The number of trees in India is around 35 billion. Whereas there are 139 billion trees in China and 102 trees per person.

Globally, Russia has the highest number of trees with 641 billion trees, followed by Canada, Brazil and the United States, where 318, 301 and 228 billion trees are respectively.

The most dense trees per hectare are in North America, Scandinavia and Russia. There are about 750 billion trees in these areas, which is about 24 percent of the global level.

About 31 percent of the area in the ground area of ​​the world is surrounded by forests, but these are declining rapidly. Between 1990 and 2016, 502,000 square miles (1.3 million square kilometers) of forest area from the world are over.

According to the India State of Forest Report (ISFR), in 2017, there are only 708,273 square kilometers in India i.e. 21.54% of the total land of the country. Whereas according to the CIA’s World Fact Book 2011, there are 39,000,000 square kilometers of forest in the world.


Kokota islands Attempts

A decade ago, Tanzania’s Kokota Island had a tremendous shortage of forests due to the frequent cutting of trees, and people felt that the area would never see the forest again, but the nearby Pemba Island set a new precedent.  Work started to make the area green again in 2008 and since then till 2018 more than 2 million trees have been planted on Pemba and Kokota islands.

The above figures show that the cutting of trees and the end of forests have not stopped. If this continues, a large part of the earth will soon become barren. If the forest is over, the livelihood of crores of people will be taken away. In such a situation, it is important to save the forests and keep the earth green, so that the coming generations can also see the beautiful earth.

Although people in the world are cutting down trees for their own benefit and are going to end the forests, because of this forest, 12 million people (13.2 million) are employed in the world, while about 40 million people are employed. Has got employment in other matters related to this sector.

Due to the frequent erosion of trees, forest areas are constantly being destroyed. We are going to lose 1 crore 87 lakh (1.87 million) acres of forest annually, that is, every minute 27 equal number of football fields are being destroyed.

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