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Man is Spoiling the Relationship Between Himself and Nature for His Benefit

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Man lives in choices. The alternative is also the identity of the man as a human being. This identity makes him the best in the entire living world. On the other hand, man is the master of intelligence more than the heart. Wisdom emerges as strong in the battle of intellect and heart. The relationship between nature and man is also similar to this heart and intellect.

Jaishankar Prasad also revealed the war of heart and intellect in nature through epics like Kamayani and in this battle, intellect is considered as a materialistic and consumptive attitude. ‘How a person will grow in everything in himself / This is lonely selfishness, will destroy himself’. In the present time, the increasing of unquenchable desires is taking the person towards the end of his own existence. This is the reason that the relationship between nature and man has collapsed for the balance of life. This imbalance stems from man’s craving attitude.

In Kamayani, Jaishankar Prasad considered harmony as the basis of a balanced relationship between nature and man. This feeling connects nature and person. But today the harmony is over and the mentality of hegemony is emerging. From this, the relationship between nature and man is emerging as dialectical.

Nature which was considered as a mother in the scriptures, which was never taken according to her nature and mindset, was always given with an open heart. Who has opened all the precious heritage of nature from water, air, sun and all the resources within themselves to humans?

But at the same time, man has become the controller and regulator of nature on the strength of intelligence. He has jeopardized the very existence of nature in the over-exploitation of nature. In this era of consumerist culture, every person with modern facilities is exploiting nature.

The indiscriminate use of facilities from nature is putting it at greater risk. The environmental crisis has deepened all around. On the one hand, the Amazon forests are burning, which was a man-made disaster, on the other hand, the Australian forests are burning, which is a natural disaster to say, but these conditions are man-made.

Their production has a carbon emission created by the consumption trend of man, which has given rise to the situation of global warming. BBC. According to the report, according to the co-director of the Australian National Center for Research in Bushfire and Arsan, the incidence of fire in Australia decreases from 52,000 to 54,000 every year, which has increased to 62,000. Out of which, 13 percent of incidents are deliberately done by humans and the rest cannot be said. Events for which nothing can be said are also influenced by human actions.

Carbon emission is the biggest reason among them. In 2019, 40 million hectares in New South Wales in Australia from July to now end up burning. Before this, 9 lakh forests of Amazon in 2019, 18 lakh hectares of land in California are affected by arson in 2018. A region is not affected exclusively by rising fire incidents globally but the whole world is affected.

The growing incidents of fire in Australia since July have destroyed and destroyed millions of creatures, animals and plants. The relation of nature and man is that of shelter and dependent. Nature gives protection to this pasture world within itself.

When the existence of nature is reduced, life will also end. Increasing carbon emissions at the global level are not only bringing vast changes in the climate but it is also ending it. The death of millions of organisms in Australia has to affect its ecosystem.


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