Nature Tidings

The Importance Of Nature to Reduce Natural Calamity In Human’s Life

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Our nature has given us many kinds of flowers, birds, animals, trees, blue sky, land, rivers, sea, mountains. God has created all these things to improve the life of man, so we should never harm this natural wealth.

Nature has given a lot to people but a human is always engaged in ruining it. Humans created many nature-destroying causes such as environmental pollution, global warming, greenhouse effect, to their advantage.

Many new inventions are made in today’s technology world, but no one thinks about how these inventions will affect nature. Therefore, before doing anything, we should think that doing that work will benefit or harm nature.

“We should keep our environment as clean as possible, do not spread pollution, and promote afforestation in our region. Millions of houses are being built every day, for which millions of trees are being harvested, in such a situation it is very important for us to plant new plants every day so that the trees in nature remain balanced.”

As much as man is important in nature, animals also have importance in it. Life is impossible on earth if there are no animals. Therefore, in order to keep our nature safe, the protection of animals is also very important.

This is the reason why many countries of the world have created wild sanctuaries so that the animals can remain safe. Also, in all countries, governmental organizations exist for the protection of fauna, which takes care of animals living in that country.

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