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Uproar In the Lok Sabha On The Statement Of Rahul Gandhi, Congressmen Came Out on the Rampage

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There was a ruckus in the Lok Sabha on Friday on the statement of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. The uproar has increased so much that the matter has come to ahead. In fact, while answering a question, Union Minister Harsh Vardhan referred to Rahul Gandhi’s Dandemar statement and started criticizing it. Speaker Om Birla tried to stop him.

Meanwhile, Congress MP Manikam Tagore reached Harshavardhan’s seat and a debate began between the two. At the same time, BJP MPs came to the well and caught Congress MP Manikam Tagore and started pushing. After this, Speaker Om Birla adjourned the proceedings of the House.


What Did Union Minister Harsh Vardhan Say:

After the uproar in the Lok Sabha, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that I wonder if Rahul Gandhi’s father was the Prime Minister of the country himself, how can he make such a comment, people will beat the PM with sticks and throw him out of the country. We all should condemn it.


What did Rahul Gandhi Say:

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi defended his party, MP Manikam Tagore, saying that he did not attack anyone. He definitely went to the well. You can see the camera. He was attacked upside down. Targeting the central Harshvardhan, Rahul said that instead of answering my question, he was doing another thing.


BJP complained to Lok Sabha Speaker

BJP MP Jagdambika Pal said that Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan was speaking in the Lok Sabha on the statement of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi when Congress MP Manikam Tagore started accusing him. After this, the opposition started an uproar. This is an unfortunate event for democracy. The Bharatiya Janata Party has complained to the Lok Sabha Speaker about the uproar in the House over Rahul Gandhi’s statement.


On Thursday, PM Modi attacked Congress

Speaking on the motion of thanks on the President’s address on Thursday during the budget session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress fiercely. On Thursday, the Prime Minister gave his answer in both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha houses. During this time, he compared Rahul Gandhi to ‘Tubelight’ without taking a name. At the same time, the Congress alleged that the Prime Minister did not answer any of Rahul Gandhi’s questions and only did Nehru-Nehru throughout the speech.

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