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What Five Forms Does Nature Teach Us? Know Here..!

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Even before the birth of a human being, his master is Nature. She has been teaching something to a man with countless eyes, hands and minds. Along with being a guru, She is also a mother and father. She is also a protector and a judge.

Nature teaches the grammar of speed and development. Teasing her, she also teaches a lesson of destruction. The nature teacher educates us in Five forms (elements). Man is always bowed down in front of this great master.


Water: Nature Teaches From Water

In the form of water, nature teaches the process of progress and flow. The water tells us that we have to walk through every obstacle as the river moves in stones, in barriers, sometimes stopping, sometimes by resting, taking a huge form, sometimes straightening, sometimes changing the path. Water is synonymous with life. Just as knowledge is synonymous with civilization.


Air: Nature Gives Learning in the Form of Air

Air also means velocity. When this guru breaks his limit, it becomes a thunderstorm. Similarly, when a man breaks the limit, there is an earthquake in life.


Earth: Patience like the Earth

One of the Five elements (Panch Mahabhutas) has been said about the Earth that the solid part of our body is the Earth. The earth learns to stay strong. Do not lose patience Staying stable is the quality of the earth. The virtue of a successful personality is the determination to stick to one’s goals and decisions.


Fire: Teaches Nature through Fire

Fire means energy. If the scale of the fire is disturbed then it is a claim. Likewise, excessive enthusiasm or excess energy in any task spoils that work. The amount of energy to cook food also varies. Similarly, we have to learn where to invest so much energy.


Sky: Nature Teaches from the Sky

Sky means expansion. It is possible to extend life as much as the sky, we get the hope of seeing the sky. Science says that planets are bound in law due to the force of gravity. Similarly, we should not go astray while expanding the sky so it is important that we do not forget our purpose.

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