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Coronavirus: Will the 2020 IPL be played without an Audience? Read more

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The IPL 2020 in the Corona era is scheduled to be held in the UAE. In such a pandemic situation, the many questions arise whether the spectators will be allowed to enjoy the tournament by coming to the stadium or not?

  • Coronavirus: IPL 2020 scheduled to be held in the UAE
  • IPL 2020: The first match of IPL will be played on 19th September

The IPL 2020 in the Corona era is scheduled to be held in the UAE between 19 September and 8 November. In such a situation, the question now arises whether the spectators will be allowed to enjoy the tournament by coming to the ground on the foreign land. IPL chairman Brijesh Patel said that we have left this decision to the UAE administration.

The start and final match dates of the IPL 2020 league have been announced but the full schedule of the tournament has not come out yet. Nor does it know which of the two teams will start the first match.

Corona era, many franchisees believe that Get Money does not matter because it is a big thing for them to organize IPL in the event of Coronavirus. Some franchisees have, however, spoken on the earnings from tickets.

A source close to the matter told news agency IANS that in the meeting between the franchisees and the BCCI, the young faces of a franchise who are very close to the board raised the issue of reimbursement of ticket revenue. He said, “The issue of reimbursement of ticket revenue was raised by a youth who is very close to the board. But the rest of the people present in the meeting said that the ticket issue does not matter much to them and what matters is the IPL happening this year. ”

“In such an environment, it is surprising that stakeholders who have a small stake in the franchise are raising the issue. People said that this is not a surprise and it is a matter of attention which has been seen before and it has been a headache for the IPL many times. ”

The BCCI official said that at this time the idea is to work together to ensure that the IPL can be organized successfully because the world is currently facing an epidemic.

He said, “I do not think that doing so (to compensate for ticket revenue) would be financially right for BCCI.” Each franchisee will earn around 200 crores in the form of rights, which is not the case. I am confident that she will not want to lose it in return for ticket revenue. IPL is going on this year but it is possible only with the support of franchisees and state associations. ”

On the other side After a long wait, It is reported that MS Dhoni (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) and his team Chennai Super Kings (CSK) players do not want to leave any stone unturned in the preparation of this tournament and hence they will reach UAE a week ahead of all the other teams.

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