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Will Trump and Modi Meet Soon at NBA Basketball Games, Mumbai?

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History was created in last year December when NBA announced NBA games 2019 in India. It is happened to be the first-ever NBA game in India. In addition, it has been announced that the Indian Pacers and the Sacramento Kings will play twice in two days in the month of October.

The match will be held on two consecutive days that are 4 October, Friday and 5 October, Saturday 2019. This would take place at 6:30 pm at the Dome, NSCI, SVP Stadium in Mumbai. When the entire nation was waiting to watch the grandest sports event, a light-hearted statement of US president at Howdy-Modi event has increased its significance even more.

The match has garnered world-wide attention now with US President Donald Trump telling that he might visit India to watch India’s first NBA match next month.

Background of the National Basketball Association and its Indian Collaboration:

National Basketball Association (NBA) is an esteem men’s basketball group in North America. The league consists of 30 teams out of which 29 are from the United States and 1 is from Canada. It is not only a premier sports league in Canada and the United States but also recognized as one of the professional basketball leagues worldwide.

In the year 2017, the NBA announced its launch of the first official basketball training school in Mumbai. They signed an agreement with India On Track (IOT) which is India’s leading sports development, management, and marketing company. This elite basketball association is open for both men and women.

The association targeted to choose prospect candidate as their student who has successfully exhibited their potential as a true player through a nationwide talent search. One of the important milestones of the NBA is to grow basketball athletes in India. The academy not only focuses on growing a candidate’s basketball playing ability, but NBA academics also include development through education.

Will Trump Be One of the Spectators in India’s First NBA match:

The joint address by the US President Donald Trump and Narendra Modi on Sunday at Houston in Howdy-Modi event clearly displayed the camaraderie of the two leaders with each other. It also demonstrated bilateral co-operation among two countries from both of their speeches. It also reinforced India’s position on the global platform.

Over 50,000 plus audience where present to visualize the triumphant moment of the bilateral ties. It is when US President Donald Trump said in a light-hearted tone “Very soon India will have to access another world-class American product-NBA basketball. Wow, sounds good.” “Next week, thousands in Mumbai will watch the first-ever NBA game in India. Am I invited, Mr. Prime Minister? I may come, be careful I may come,” he said.

To put it briefly, several meetings in recent times among Trump and Modi are significantly improving bilateral relations between the two countries. The world is witnessing how both of them are endorsing each other as powerful leaders. NBA match would probably be another step to strengthen the relationship between the two nations.




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