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Coronavirus: Are you getting a link or messages of COVID-19? beware hackers can steal your data

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Advantage of Coronavirus Outbreak These days hackers are using to hack people’s accounts. You have to be careful with them.

  • Hackers are taking advantage of your mistake due to coronavirus
  • Hackers are using the coronavirus wire COVID-19 outbreak to inject computer viruses
  • Hackers are cheating people by creating a coronavirus theme website

The coronavirus is working as bait for hackers these days. There is an emergency like situation around the coronavirus across the world. Tech companies and health organizations are creating websites about information and methods of prevention regarding the coronavirus.

According to a report by the research firm Checkpoint, thousands of such websites are being created by hackers for the purpose of harming users. Websites are being built on the coronavirus and as soon as the user accesses these websites, there is a loss.

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According to a report by THN, hackers are using the coronavirus wire COVID-19 outbreak to inject computer viruses. Even a huge amount of purchase of domains associated with the name coronavirus is going on.

Domains associated with the coronavirus are being bought and sold on the dark web at an expensive price. According to the researchers, a huge increase is being registered in domain registration. This is 10 times more than the normal days.

“Hackers are cheating people by creating a coronavirus theme website. Not only this, people’s mobiles and computers are also being hacked through attachments in emails”

We have already told you how the hacking is being done by sending emails related to coronavirus. Generally, people come to panic and open such attachments and then it makes the work of hackers easier.


Be Aware, Don’t do this

All manner of information related to coronavirus is available on the WHO website. The Government of India has also released the guidelines. You can read it on the website of the Health Ministry. On our website also you can continuously read reports and statistics related to coronavirus.

Do not open any website where it claims to sell corona vaccine or coronavirus medicine. Its medicine is not available till now. Do not open such emails that have any attachment about Coronavirus and you suspect that it has not been sent by any Authentic Sender.

Similarly, do not download attachments related to the treatment of coronavirus on WhatsApp or any other instant messaging app and social media.

The whole world is currently under the grip of the coronavirus and works on its vaccine is going on in many countries. As soon as you get any success, you will get information from WHO to the local health ministry.

After coming to panic, you will lose your bank account or sensitive information, so do not make such mistakes even by mistake.

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