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‘Made in India iPhone XR’ Apple Model XR Production Begins in India

iPhone XR Production in India
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In recent times, iPhone XR is one of the most popular models from the iPhone genre and with current frequent price drops, it has turned out to be the best value-added all-rounder smartphone. This phone has the best of what Apple can offer in a reasonable package.

Moreover, the company decided to manufacture iPhone XR locally in India after observing a steady price benefit on the Indian market for some of their old iPhone models which were manufactured here earlier. This would also help them to cut the 20 percent import duty which the Indian government imposes on the company to sell in the Indian market.

Latest Updates on iPhone XR Production in Chennai:

The production of Apple iPhone XR is decided to be manufactured in India after they decided to limit their manufacture of older models like iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE. It is believed that the production of the iPhone XR will soon begin at Apple supplier Foxconn’s Facility in Sriperumbudur, Chennai.

The heavy promotional offers on this phone have already helped Apple to regain the top position in the smartphone segment in India in the second quarter (Q2) of this year. It is also assumed that Apple has recent plans to start the manufacturing of the new iPhone 11 series in India as well.

Moreover, this launch is believed to be the result of a US-China trade war where the USA government proposed to increase the traffic on Chinese imports. Apple has also confirmed that they will not increase the price while selling their product in the Indian market and also shared their upcoming plans of setting up new manufacturing facilities in other Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, and Taiwan.

Availability of iPhone XR in the Indian Market:

Last year iPhone XR made its debut along with XS Max and iPhone XS. This smartphone came with the same hardware like some of its old model including A12 Bionic chipset. However, this smartphone came with a less impressive design that its other contemporaries. Even, it also has a lower resolution LCD panel in its display instead of OLED. Currently, the handset is getting sold for Rs 44,900 in the Indian market which is down from its launch price Rs 76,900.

Perhaps, this new manufacturing set up in India might result in price depletion of iPhones in the India market in the future.

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