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This App of Google Gives You Money, Win Rewards by Answering Easy Survey

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An app on Google Play Store must be installed on your Smartphone. With the help of this app you can win play credits and buy paid apps or services in return. This app named Google Opinion Rewards has been downloaded more than 10 million times so far and it gives rewards in exchange for the easy surveys.


  • Google Opinion Rewards app has been downloaded more than 10 million times
  • Google Opinion Rewards app gives you money by answering easy survey
  • Google Opinion Rewards app must be installed in your Smartphone

There are a lot of apps on the Google Play Store that you have to pay to buy. Often you do not buy and use such apps. The special thing is that with the help of a secret, you will be able to buy these apps for free. In easy language, with the help of an app from Google, you will get money to buy these paid apps and you do not have to work too hard for this.

The feedback and data of the users are very important for Google and in return Google also pays the users. Yes, this method is completely legal and there is no trick behind it. There is a popular app called Google Opinion Rewards on the Play Store, which you can install on your Smartphone. You can win Google Play credits by using this app. To do this, you have to answer the questions asked in the easy survey.


Google Opinion Rewards App Information

Google Opinion Reward was launched on Google’s webpage on March 29, 2012, and after some time Google inc launched Google Opinion Reward’s app on Google play store. But this app was available in a few countries sometime back Google Opinion gave this app India, Singapore, Turkey have added these countries to Pakistan and Bangladesh has not been added to this application right now. This app is available in a few select countries. On Google Opinion you get all surveys to monetize so that you can earn points on every survey.

Google Opinion Reward is an application in which you can complete some surveys in your free time and earn some points, which you can also redeem for Google Play Store Credit if you do a survey properly with Google Opinion Reward in India. You can get ₹ 10 or more for a survey.

Google Opinion is an app that gives revenue when certain companies are surveyed. You can download Google Opinion Reward for free from Google Play Store.


How This App Works

You get credit in return as soon as you complete the survey shown on this app of Google. The survey has very common questions, such as when are you traveling next, or do you like watching cricket on TV? By answering such general questions you can get a play credit of up to Rs 32.20. This amount is stored in your account and this credit can also be redeemed.


Buy Apps for Credit

After installing Google Opinion Rewards, you will have to login to it with Google account and you will get the option to fill the survey. Different value credits will be added to your account for every survey. Let me tell you, with the help of credit on the app, you can buy paid apps on the Google Play Store. Apart from this, you will also get the option to buy movies or e-books on Google Play Movies or Google Play Books.

As you can see, Google Opinion Rewards has received more than 10 Million of downloads so far and more than 5 lakh users have given it a tremendous rating of 3.9 which is praise for its ability and if you see the review, it is very good Its review is given.

And tell you one thing here that you earn money from Google Rewards opinion, you cannot transfer them to a bank account, you can buy Paid Service like Game Movie Application Books etc. on Google Play Store with this money. You can redeem Google Opinion Rewards Points for any paid application on the Google Play Store.

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