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WhatsApp Dark Mode also Came for iPhone Users, Know How to Use

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WhatsApp Dark Mode is on beta and will be releasing soon for iPhone as well. Test flight users can access the new beta version in their smartphones.

WhatsApp’s dark mode feature is now available to iPhone users as well. At the moment you can use it as a test. You will be able to test it under the iOS test flight app.

Whatsapp dark mode feature has been in discussion for quite a long time and it has been released for the Android beta app some time back. According to the report, after the test flight, the company will release a stable version update for iPhone users.

If you are a Testflight user, you can go and check it. If you have version 2.20.30 of WhatsApp, then you can access dark mode.

The thing to note is that to use it, your iPhone must have a WhatsApp version of iOS 9 or above.

Talking about the Dark Mode feature given in Android, here too this feature has been given in the beta version itself. Recently some new solid dark wallpapers have also been given in Dark Mode. In the coming times, these new solid color wallpapers can be given in WhatsApp Dark Mode for iPhone.

At the moment, it is not clear when the company will release the update of the final build for iOS, in which dark mode will be given. If you are Android users and also a beta tester, you will still be able to access the dark mode of WhatsApp on your smartphone.

If you want, you can use this feature by downloading the new beta version of WhatsApp from the third party at your risk.

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