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America: The body of African-American George Floyd Arrived in Houston

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Today’s World Tidings, seeking justice for George Floyd, about 20,000 people took out the Chicago ‘March of Justice’ in Chicago on Saturday. George Floyd of African-American descent died in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25, following which protests have been taking place across the US.


  • Protests still continue in many places in America
  • Proposal of condemnation against America in New York
  • The body of African-American citizen George Floyd was brought to Houston on Saturday

The body of African-American citizen, George Floyd, was brought to Houston on Saturday where he would be cremated. George Floyd died in police custody a few days ago. Protests have intensified throughout the US after this incident. Even protesters carried out violent demonstrations in front of the White House.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump ordered the National Guard security forces to withdraw from Washington, who was deployed to security after violent clashes. Trump said that the situation is under control now, so the National Guard should return.

Earlier on Saturday, about 20,000 people took out a ‘Chicago March of Justice’ march in Chicago, seeking justice for George Floyd. George Floyd of African-American descent died in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25, after which protests have been taking place across the US. On Saturday, protesters gathered in a park in West Chicago to raise their voices. He listened to activists, poets, and others, sought to fix police accountability, and end racism.


Order to Return to National Guard

On Sunday, Texas Police Chief Art Acevedo said in a tweet that Floyd’s family also arrived safely in Houston. Everyone will attend the funeral of George Floyd. Six hours have been scheduled for the funeral in Houston. Floyd will be buried on Tuesday in Pearland, adjacent to Houston. The District of Columbia administration, in view of the violent protests, last week demanded the National Guard to help the local police. In view of this, President Trump ordered to send thousands of National Guard Troops to control violence. However, now he has been asked to return.


Protests Continue

Protests are continuing across America after George Floyd’s death in police custody. There has been a shortage in Washington when President Trump has ordered the National Guard to return. Violent demonstrations are not seen in Washington as before, but people continue to protest. On Saturday, thousands of protesters marched in Washington DC, chanting slogans. According to a report, after eight days of protests, people from across the country gathered on Saturday anew in places around the capital, such as Arlington, Virginia.



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