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Awe of Coronavirus: Star Avoiding Kissing Scene in Taiwanese TV Serial

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In view of the outbreak of Coronavirus, it has been asked to ban the shooting of the kissing scenes in TV serials in Taiwan.

Kissing scenes will no longer be seen in Taiwanese TV serials due to Coronavirus. Please tell that there are a lot of people in the city of Wuhan, China. To prevent its infection, kissing scenes have been banned in TV serials.

According to the report of United Daily, in view of the risk of infection of coronavirus, TV serials in Taiwan have been asked to stop shooting of kissing scene. At the same time, the actors have also been advised to avoid getting closer to each other during the shooting.

It is known that a lot of kissing scenes have been shown between actress Mia Chiu and actor Jun Fu in the serial Goldal City, which is broadcast on Formosa TV, but now these two will not be able to give a kissing scene in the fear of Coronavirus.


Avoiding Kissing Scene:

Actress Mia Chiu said that she is happy with this refrain to stop coronavirus. She said the light kissing scene is enough to complete the scene. Even in the TV show Sweet Family of Eastern Broadcasting Company, actor Kingon Wang has also been asked to refrain from such scenes.


At the same time, artists coming from the small screen of Taiwan are avoiding shooting more intimate scenes in crowded places. At the same time, the members associated with the production of the film have also been asked to put on masks.

According to the latest data, 902 people have died due to this infection in China so far. At the same time, there are more than 40,000 people vulnerable to this infection.


Seafood Intake In 14 days:

Any person who does not have corona virus symptoms, but in the last 14 days, if he has consumed seafood, has gone to an animal market or has come in contact with an infected Chinese person, then such person is also taken in a separate vehicle and left at the facility. Will be kept separate from people.

Those who have not come in any such contact will also be kept separately and monitored. Apart from the students staying in this facility, separate barracks have been made for administrative people and medical facilities. The facility has been divided into sectors with a capacity of 50 students to prevent a large-scale outbreak of corona virus. Subdivisions have also been made in each barrack. People living here will not be allowed to mingle.

All students will be screened and monitored daily in the medical facility. During this time, all staff, care workers and housekeeping staff must wear their personal protective equipment at all times. These devices will have masks, eye shields, shoe covers, gowns, and gloves.

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