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Corona Attack: 9 killed in America, Growing Rapidly in Italy & Iran After China

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In China, more than 2943 people have been died from Coronavirus (COVID-19) so far, while more than 79000 are still infected with Coronavirus. Outside China, the infection of Coronavirus is growing rapidly in Iran, Italy, South Korea, and the US.

  • Seattle most affected by Coronavirus in America
  • 2,500 people infected with Coronavirus in Italy
  • 2336 people engulfed by Coronavirus in Iran

Coronavirus (COVID-19), started from Wuhan, China, is wreaking havoc in more than 60 countries of the world. So far, around 3100 people have died from Coronavirus worldwide, while 90,000 people are infected with Coronavirus. There have been 6 positive cases of Coronavirus in India. While in the US, 9 people have died from Coronavirus.  Seattle of America is most affected by Coronavirus.

So far 2943 people have died in China from Coronavirus (COVID-19), while more than 79 thousand people are still infected with Coronavirus. Outside China, the infection of Coronavirus is growing rapidly in Iran, Italy, South Korea and the US. In Iran, about 2,300 people are vulnerable to Coronavirus. In Iran, 77 people have died from Coronavirus, while in Italy, 79 people have died from Coronavirus.

In Italy and Iran, Coronavirus infection is increasing rapidly, while 9 people have died of Coronavirus in the last three days in America. A health officer in Seattle was quoted by the news agency PTI as saying that on February 26, a patient died of Coronavirus in Seattle. This patient was treated at the “Seattle Care Facility” Medical Center. Coronavirus infection has been found in many people there and from there the Coronavirus spread rapidly in America.

In Italy, 79 People Died from Coronavirus

According to PTI, 79 people have died in Italy from Coronavirus till Tuesday. 2,500 people are infected with Coronavirus in Italy. Coronavirus has spread too many countries in Europe. In the last 24 hours, 18 people have died of Coronavirus in Italy, while a total of 27 people have died from this deadly Coronavirus in two days.

The highest number of 55 people died in Italy’s Milan from Coronavirus. In Italy, 229 people are being treated on Tuesday. Coronavirus of 25,856 people has been investigated so far throughout Italy.


In Iran, 77 People Died from Coronavirus 

Iran has alerted the army on Tuesday about Coronavirus. So far 77 people have died in Iran. Government officials are sitting several feet away from each other. Many leaders there are infected with Coronavirus. The 23 Members of Parliament there are in the grip of Coronavirus. A total of 2,336 people in Iran have been infected with Coronavirus so far. Whereas in the Middle East countries, a total of 2,540 people are vulnerable to Coronavirus.

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