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Corona Updates: In Italy, 51 Doctors dead with fighting Coronavirus, Death toll crosses 9 thousand

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In Italy, 51 doctors have also died due to coronavirus infection. So far, more than 9 thousand people in the country have been killed by this killer virus which is the highest in the world.

  •  51 doctors have also died due to coronavirus infection in Italy
  •  A stronghold of the Coronavirus epidemic in Italy.
  • Death toll crosses 9,134 in Italy due to Coronavirus

In Italy, a stronghold of the Coronavirus epidemic, 51 doctors have died due to the killer virus. It is being told that all these doctors were treating patients infected with coronavirus and got infected during this time. Meanwhile, the number of people who died of Coronavirus in Italy has reached 9,134, which is the highest in the world.

According to a CNN report, all 51 doctors were found to be coronavirus positive and died during treatment. The President of the Italian Doctor’s Association, Filippo Anelli, recently asked for more safety equipment for the doctors in view of this threat. “The first thing to do is to protect the doctors and health care workers so that they do not get coroneted,” said Anelli.

Meanwhile, Italy does not see any hope of relief from the coronavirus tragedy at the moment. Last week, due to the decrease in the number of people who died a day or two, it was believed that perhaps this country would soon recover from this epidemic. However, on Friday, Coronavirus killed more than 970 people in Italy, once again recording a terrible record.

According to the latest data, the number of deaths in Italy has increased on Friday. Death toll crossed 970 in a single day. This brings the total death toll in the European country to 9,134. Here 86,498 people have been found corona positive while only 10,950 have been cured.

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This week, the medical staff of the country was smiling due to the decrease in figures twice, but once again the situation has become painful. However, the rate of infection has come down from the previous 8% to 7.4%.

At the same time, experts predict that the coronavirus infection in Italy will reach its peak in the coming days, but in view of the death of four more leading doctors, the regional administration has warned that the crisis is not yet over.

The National Institutes of Health had suggested a lockdown to prevent precautionary infections, the results of which would start coming soon. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said last week that the previously announced detention would be prolonged until April 3, although he did not specify its duration.


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