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Coronavirus Spreading Like Wildfire Across Worldwide

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According to China’s National Health Commission, an uncommon virus is spreading at an unprecedented speed after its first detection in the Chinese city of Wuhan. This pneumonia-like illness has infected thousands of Chinese citizens and caused death in 41 people. This particular disease is caused due to a group of viruses known as coronavirus. In humans, this virus causes a respiratory infection which has a potential threat to their lives. Even this virus is supposed including the potential of causing two deadly respiratory diseases like MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

The scientists have not yet discovered fully the destructive potential of the coronavirus. Investigators and researchers are working hard to understand where the disease illnesses and how it is transmitting and spreading. The number of people getting affected by this disease is skyrocketed since December in China and abroad. The hospital authorities confirmed that the health care workers are also getting affected by this disease which proves human-to-human transmission of the same.

Symptoms and Treatment of Coronavirus:

The new coronavirus causes a spectrum of illnesses after affecting the human body. Majorly, the patients infected with coronavirus is observed with mild pneumonia-like symptoms. Below enlisted are some of the symptoms that are seen on the affected patients.

  • Sudden elevated body temperature
  • Frequent dry cough
  • Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath

As the disease in the body progresses, patients usually have pneumonia and lungs get filled with fluids.

Is pneumonia-like Any Treatment for Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is dangerous and hard to eradicate kind of organisms. They can hide from the human immune system and there is no proper treatment or vaccine to inhibit its cause. However, Chinese scientists were successful in sequencing the virus’s genetic code promptly and this would, in turn, give them a chance to study the pattern of the disease and combat the deadly disease. US National Institutes of Health is also working on formulating a vaccine against this disease which would also take around a year to get released in the market.

As of now, there are no recognized therapeutic agents that can combat with coronavirus, the healthcare provider can only provide adequate multiorgan support and respiratory support.

A twitter thread is also developed by the World Health Organization says:

Q: Is there a treatment for a novel coronavirus infection?
A: There is no specific treatment for disease caused by a novel coronavirus. However, many of the symptoms can be treated and therefore treatment is based on the patient’s clinical condition.


Coronavirus Impact on India and World:

Preeti Maheswari, a primary school teacher in Shenzhen, China is suffering from the coronavirus pneumonia, type 1 respiratory disease accompanied with septic shock and multiple organ dysfunction. She is the first Indian national afflicted with the disease and battling for her life in the intensive care unit of Shekou Hospital in Shenzhen, China. Apart from this, 11 people in four of the cities in India have been kept under observation after undergoing thermal screenings at the airport, one they returned from China and Hong Kong. Other countries were the infection is confirmed are the US, France, Australia and most of the Asian Countries.

Ever since the outbreak, the World Health Organization along with Chinese researchers are working hard to tackle the health emergency in China and the World.

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