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Hong Kong: Coronavirus found in pet Dog, Likely first transfer from Human-to-Animal

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A case of Coronavirus infection from humans to animals has been reported in Hong Kong. This is perhaps the first such case of coronavirus in the world. The coronavirus has been confirmed in the pet dog of a corona infected woman.

  • Case of Coronavirus infection from human to animal say, experts
  • Death toll from Coronavirus in Italy crosses 100
  • Coronavirus infection from human to animal

Outside China, the death toll due to the Coronavirus is rising rapidly. Corona’s figure in Italy has crossed 100. Meanwhile, a pet dog has been found to have a Coronavirus infection in Hong Kong. Coronavirus has been confirmed in the pet dog of a 60-year-old woman in Hong Kong, according to news agency PTI. This is perhaps the first of its kind when Coronavirus infection has occurred from human to animal.

A woman in Hong Kong suffers from Coronavirus. Corona has also been confirmed in his dog on Friday. However, the health authorities there have described it as less positive. Now this dog is being treated separately and kept in an animal center there. The Agriculture Fisheries Conservation Department (AFCD) said there, “A Palmerian dog was investigated several times for the Coronavirus.

” A low-level corona infection has been found in the investigation. The World Organization of Animal Health has acknowledged that it is a case of virus transfer from humans to animals.”


Dog Treatment

After this case surfaced in Hong Kong, dogs are also being kept separately there. Two dogs have been kept separate. The second dog belongs to a patient with another corona infection. Although the investigation of the patient has come negative but he will be examined again. Officials said that the Palmerian dog will be constantly investigated and only when it is tested negative will it be handed over to the owner. So far, 104 people have been infected with the corona in Hong Kong.


Death toll crossed 3200 Worldwide

Let me tell you that Coronavirus (COVID-19) started from Wuhan in China is wreaking havoc in more than 60 countries of the world. So far, around 3100 people have died of Coronavirus worldwide, while 90,000 people are infected with corona. There have been 26 positive cases of corona in India. While in the US, 9 people have died from Corona so far. Seattle of America is most affected by Coronavirus.

In Italy, more than 100 people have died due to the Coronavirus. Italy is the first country in European countries, where Coronavirus has caused so much devastation. All schools and universities in Italy have been closed for security until 15 March.

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