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India at UNGA: Every Major Step of Terrorism Passes Through Pakistan

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United Nations: India has once again reprimanded Pakistan, India said that every major malicious step of international terrorism passes through Islamabad. Terrorists are trained to kill innocent people in a safe haven here.

This statement of India has come after the UN General Assembly raised the issue of Jammu and Kashmir on behalf of Pakistan and cited the citizenship bill.

First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations. Paulomi Tripathi Said, during the leg discussion “Culture of peace” in the General Assembly Cooperation, is the core of the culture of soul peace” This agenda should neither be misused nor made unimportant for political propaganda. “We need to be especially vigilant when the fox is guarding the chicken” added in her statement.

 Attacking Pakistan, Tripathi said, “Terrorism is trained in this safe haven to kill innocent people. Children are caught in guns instead of books, women are tortured and minorities are persecuted.”

India’s Answer to Pakistan

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative in the United Nations Munir Akram’s speech centered on Kashmir, Article 370, Citizenship Bill, NRC and Ayodhya decisions.

Tripathi said, “An attempt by a delegation to misuse this agenda is no surprise to those who have themselves witnessed the disguise as a champion of peace. They resort to falsity for political gains.

A Threat to Peace Globally

To answer at the UNGA platform, Paulomi Tripathi said “toxic terrorism emanating from Pakistan poses a threat to destabilize peace globally”

“Yet this delegation feels baseless accusations of other countries’ internal conditions due to obsessive psychosis,” also added.

In the United Nations General Assembly, Paulomi Tripathi showed Pakistan her true face and Pak could not talk about anything other than her old issues. Pakistan did not have an answer to the talk of Paulomi Tripathi.

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