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One Scientist Who Is Sleeping Only For 2 Hours to Stop the Coronavirus

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The genetic code of the coronavirus was released by the Chinese authorities. Dr. Kate Broderick prepared the vaccine 3 hours after the code was released.

A woman scientist is working day and night continuously to save people from the deadly Coronavirus. Kate Broderick, who hails from Scotland, is trying to invent a vaccine to prevent the corona virus. According to the report, Broderick is sleeping only 2 hours a night.

Broderick has been preparing vaccines to protect against dangerous diseases for nearly 20 years. He has also succeeded in making medicines to prevent diseases like Ebola, Zika.

Dr. Broderick said that he feels that he has a responsibility to complete this work soon. She is currently conducting a vaccine test on rats and pigs.

She said that she has been working to bring change all her life and now in any condition she will prepare vaccines to avoid Coronavirus.

Dr. Broderick, who works with the University of California of America, has a team for research. She said that she is currently able to sleep for only 2 hours on an average night.

The mother of two children, Dr. Broderick, told that she was spending holidays when she got information about the outbreak of Corona virus in Wuhan, China. As soon as the Chinese authorities released the genetic code of the Coronavirus, Dr. Broderick prepared the vaccine within 3 hours.

He said that the very next day of vaccine design, it was sent to the factory for preparation. Dr. Broderick’s team has also received funds from an institution supported by Bill Gates.

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