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Russia is ready to register world’s first Coronavirus vaccine on August 12, WHO raised questions about this vaccine

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Russia has made a big claim regarding the Corona vaccine. Russia is preparing to register the vaccine on August 12, before the results of the third trial.

Russia says that it has prepared the first vaccine for Corona and the vaccine cake has been applied to the daughter of President Vladimir Putin. President Vladimir Putin announced that this is the first successful vaccine in the world and has been approved by Russia’s Ministry of Health.

“Russia’s claim on the world’s first corona vaccine – the particles of the corona that we put in the vaccine will not harm, sudden increase in immunity can cause fever”

Russia’s news agency AFP gave this information by tweeting. This vaccine has been developed by the Gameliya Institute of Moscow. On Tuesday, Russia’s Health Ministry declared the Corona’s Gam-Covid-Vac Lyo vaccine a success, and with this, Vladimir Putin claimed that soon the production of this vaccine would be started in Russia and a large number of vaccine doses would be made.

“Vladimir Putin had told that his daughter had a corona infection and was given this new vaccine. Shortly after giving the vaccine, his temperature increased but now he is already well and healthy. Officials in Russia said that the dose of this vaccine will be given to medical officers, teachers and others who may be more.”

Now, if Russia’s vaccine is approved by the World Health Organization, it can prove to be a big relief for the world. So far, nine million coronavirus cases have been reported in Russia and more than 15,000 people have lost their lives due to this.

The vaccine will be given to health workers and the elderly first. The clinical trial began on 18 June at 38 people. Everyone involved in the test had immunity against the virus. The first group was discharged from the hospital on 15 July and the second on 20 July.

Alexander Lukashev, director of Sechnov University’s Institute of Medical Parasitology Tropical and Vector-Born Diseases, says the vaccine has been tested for safety. It is expected that if all the permission is received then it will be available in the market by September.

The first and second vaccine trials have been completed,” Alexander Gintzberg told the Russian Defense Ministry official newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda. This will increase the immunity of the body to fight the virus and keep it for a long time.

America UK and Canada accused Russia of stealing the vaccine formula

The United States, UK and Canada have alleged that Russia is attempting to steal information from researchers involved in developing the COVID-19 vaccine.

The three countries on Thursday alleged that the hacking group was hacking (digital burglaries) at academic and medical research institutes involved in developing the vaccine for APT29 coronavirus. Also said that this group, also known by the name Koji Bear, is part of Russia’s intelligence service.

Virus experts including WHO raised questions about this vaccine

Many virus experts in Russia, including WHO, have raised questions about this vaccine. He has warned that this vaccine may prove dangerous for people in whom antibodies are being formed. Infectious pathologist Alexander Chepurnov of Russia has pointed fingers at the vaccine trial for not providing data and detailed information.

The WHO said that Russia has not followed the set guidelines for making the vaccine, so it is difficult to trust the success of this vaccine. Many guidelines have been created for vaccine production, which teams are also doing this, they have to follow it.

Russia has claimed that the corona vaccine has been prepared with 100% successful in clinical trials. According to the trial report, the volunteers who were given the vaccine have developed immunity against the virus.
Deputy Health Minister Oleg said at the inauguration of a cancer center, Phase III trials of the vaccine are underway. We need to ensure that the vaccine proves to be safe.

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